How to establish Citizen Development programs and leverage Low-Code in the SAP ecosystem

Low-Code and Citizen Development have become a hot topic in the digitalization of large enterprises. To successfully implement Citizen Development programs and Low-Code, companies need to identify and train Citizen Developers and, of course, build multifunctional teams. Nevertheless, the evaluation of Low-Code platforms highly depends on the business goals, the existing technology stacks and their ROI. If you already have invested in the SAP technology stack, you can leverage Low-Code to build integrated business applications faster, more sustainable and more flexible.

In this webinar, you will listen to Christopher Bouveret (Simplifier) and guest speakers John Bratincevic (Forrester) and Joachim Wulf (BTC). You will learn why Citizen Developer programs and Low-Code matter, especially when running or integrating SAP, and how to speed up the development of freestyle Fiori apps when it comes to integration scenarios that are both SAP and non-SAP-centric. The webinar is intended for both SAP customers and partners, although Simplifier offers the generic advantages of Low-Code to non-SAP customers as well.

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Tue, Nov 17, 2020
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CET


Christopher Bouveret
CIO | Simplifier AG


John Bratincevic
Senior Analyst Serving AD&D Professionals | Forrester Research
Joachim Wulf
Senior Consultant SAP Solutions | BTC AG

Who will benefit from the webinar?

If you are looking for ways to speed up your application development with Low-Code and Citizen Development, use modern web technology and outstanding mobile capabilities, while being most flexible when it comes to integration, you should definitely grab a seat for this webinar.

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Please note, this webinar will be held entirely in English

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