The biggest development blockers.

A low-code platform must be able to do all this.

There are challenges in application development that slow down this process, sometimes massively. The task of a low-code platform is to minimize these showstoppers.
On this page, you will learn about the most important showstoppers and how a low-code platform should solve them.

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Die größten Entwicklungsstopper

1. Too many tools in place


Many different tools are used by different employees from the idea to the finished application.


Use of a platform that covers the complete application lifecycle – from conception and creation to maintenance and optimization of the application

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Zu viele Tools im Einsatz

2. Complex data integration


Integrations of systems are often very individual and therefore time-consuming.


All common business interfaces must be standardized and individually customizable and delivered within a platform .

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Ungenutzte Daten anbinden

3. Missing overview


Due to high complexity and individual programming style, time is spent unnecessarily on understanding written source code or linked logic.


Thanks to low code, the source code is generated in a standardized way, making it easy to read. The associated logic is easy to understand and to extend thanks to visual representation.

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Fehlende Übersicht in der Applikationserstellung

4. Collaboration errors


When applications are developed simultaneously, merging the created code lines can lead to so-called merge conflicts.


A real-time collaboration mode, which saves every change immediately and updates other developers without delay, completely prevents merge conflicts.

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Fehlendes Teamwork

5. Lack of flexibility


Applications for different end devices and operating systems often have to be created from scratch or adapted in a time-consuming process.


Published applications must automatically adapt to the respective end device (Responsive Framework) and run on all common operating systems.

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Flexible Ausgabe für alle Betriebsysteme und Endgeräte

You can solve all these challenges – with Simplifier.

  • Faster time-to-market through shorter development cycles
  • More flexibility in integration, operating system and end devices
  • Sustainability by using future-proof web technologies and avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • Know-how, data security and personal contact – Made in Germany
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