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Due to the pandemic and the resulting regulations, companies are facing numerous challenges. Especially in the manufacturing sector, the 3G regulations on presence at the workplace create an enormous amount of bureaucracy. Digital solutions help to cope with and solve these challenges:

  • Email flood to communicate the 3G status of the employee

  • Time-consuming and error-prone management of evidence

  • Additional work in administration due to central input

  • Elaborate follow-up in case of infection

  • Lack of transparency and insufficient data quality due to lack of digitization


  • Rolls-Royce Power Systems 

  • Industry: Automotive

  • Employees: > 11.000

  • Headquaters: Friedrichshafen

  • Users: plant security, all employees

Application description

With the introduction of mandatory 3G in the workplace, Rolls-Royce Power Systems needed to deploy an efficient and transparent solution as quickly as possible to ensure compliance with corporate infection control. Within just six weeks, an application was created and deployed in two development stages that not only relieved the burden on administration and ensured data protection, but also provided reliable transparency through state-of-the-art functions.

In the first development phase, the application was a digital list that documented the test certificates of the employees. This could be exported by the plant security in each case in the current version and used for access control. This provisional solution was significantly expanded in the second development stage, so that employees no longer have to send their certificates via e-mail for further processing. They can scan the QR code of the certificate via laptop camera and thus manage the collection of their data. The validity and authenticity of the certificate, the resulting period of access authorization, and the corresponding activation of the plant ID card are carried out by the application, so that no manual processing of the data is required.

In addition, plant security receives a list of employees with access authorization based on the recorded data and can take over the recording of the present certificate for employees and external persons if required. For this purpose, the QR code is also scanned and the capture confirmed by signature in order to fulfill the data protection criteria.

Based on the adjusted legal regulations, the app has since been switched off again by Rolls Royce Power System. Despite the relatively short period of use, it was valuable for the smooth running of operational processes. This shows that the use of the Simplifier platform provides a decisive advantage for time-critical applications, without which this application would not have been possible.

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