Maintenance Management App

for SAP – Creation of maintenance notifications

Imagine that damage occurs to a machine in your company. The usual process is to first record this damage on paper and then transfer it to the SAP system at the workstation. But what if you could record and document the damage directly at the machine? Wouldn’t that be faster and much more efficient?

Using the app for maintenance allows you to record damage and defects directly where they occur and record them into your SAP system. This is possible because the app runs on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, paper-based recording is not necessary.

By assigning individual codes to specific types of damage, it is possible to record defects very quickly. In addition, all input fields in the recording process can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Another benefit compared to paper recording is that mobile devices can be used to take pictures and attach them to the report. In addition to that, documents can also be attached. And best of all – these options are also available offline, because incidents do not occur solely where you have a good access to the Internet.

Advantages of this application

Saving time and walking distances

Mobile incident recording in SAP

offline capability

Enrich data using images & docs

Consideration of damage codes

App Preview

On the left side you can see a preview showing how the user interface may look like. Due to the fact that the input fields are adapted individually according to requirements, in this case this is just an exemplary representation.

Possible input fields include the following: functional location, equipment, short description, long description, plant, workstation, reason, damages, pictures of the damages, date and priority.

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