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Regardless if you need to apply for a vacation, approve business trips, or even request the order of a new webcam for your home office – our business world is in rapid change. The growing prevalence of home office requires new ways and solutions for the handling of daily approval processes. Even in a manufacturing environment, orders such as material, parts, etc. must be permanently managed and approved. Due to the rising acceptance and implementation of home office and remote work, face-to-face approval processes are outdated or organizationally unmanageable. Applicants and approvers will inevitably not necessarily meet each other. This means that conventional, paper-based approval processes that have been in use up to now be existent anymore. Also, the time that is needed for inquiries increases and the complexity grows. Especially in sectors such as the production, “manual” approval processes sometimes mean a waste of valuable time and thus result in a waste of money for the company.

This can be counteracted with an Approval App, which handles the entire approval process completely digitally and without media disruption.

Thanks to the device-independent data input, the application process is much simpler and offers the possibility of uploading additional documents. The responsible person will be informed immediately by a Push Notification and can approve or reject the application within seconds or send it back for follow-up activities, whereby the applicant will be informed automatically.The request, as well as the uploaded documents and the current status are centrally stored and fully documented in the data-bearing ERP system.

The benefits for all parties involved are obvious. Approval processes will be accelerated and can be handled independently of time and location. Every status change is immediately available in the relevant systems. The Approval App – for a painless and completely digital approval of requests without data loss or time delays. Approvals can be that simple!

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Highlights of this application


The configuration level of the application is 100%.

Complete integration into the SAP system

Deployment on Fiori Launchpad

Push notification e-mails to various device types

App Features Overview


Optimized for Smartphones,
Tablets and Browser

Individual document upload

Integration of pictures and videos 

Integrated remote
service call function

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