Customer service app

For digitalized meter reading

With this app, it is possible to digitize the input channel of the meter reading. The customer can transmit his meter data using the app. All he has to do is enter his respective meter number, then either enter the meter reading manually or have it read in via image recognition – and send it out.

The data sent by the customer is collected via an e-mail connector and is forwarded to the service mailbox of the provider, where it is processed accordingly. For the customer, this is advantageous since he does not have to wait for a “meter reader”.

The app was implemented as a web app as well as a standalone app for iOS and Android. In order to be able to read the meter on mobile devices, a data acquisition system from Pixolus was used.

The bNNetze app is available in the following app stores:

Highlights of this application

Meter reading: Simple meter reading in digital fashion

Corporate Sound: Signals give the user feedback

Visual data acquisition possible with Pixolus Integration

99 %

App configuration level at 99%

App features overview

Camera integration

For meter reading with mobile devices

PDF creation

A PDF with the data can be created for documentation purposes

E-mail connector

Data transmission via E-mail connector to service mailbox

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