Customer marketplace (Utilities)

For digitizing a utility service form

With the customer marketplace, a utility company (EVU) offers its customers the opportunity to order electricity, gas, water and district heating connections directly online via a customer portal. The special feature here is that the customer is shown directly whether it is possible to submit a bundled offer.

If the prospective customer requests a new supply access for a building, for example a electricity connection, he inputs all data required for the application process (site plans, performance data, etc.) on the provider’s portal. The information from the geographic information system (GIS) can be used to check whether there is sufficient electricity available at the property. The relevant information will then be sent to the fully integrated SAP system. This calculates an individual price and shows whether a fixed price is available. If this does not need to be adjusted individually, the customer can authorize the company directly to implement the utility connection.

A practical feature: Both quote creation (via PDF) and offer approval occurs in a single step – and without the need for a signature!

Highlights of this application

GIS integration for real-time validation

97 %

The configuration level of the application is about 97%.

Complete offer processing without signature

Complete SAP integration for quote calculation and creation

App features overview

Google Maps Integration

For selecting the object address


Quote creation and approval in one step without signature

Geo-information system (GIS)

verification of the available resources


Attachment of necessary documents e.g. location maps

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