8D Report

Complaint management to increase the quality of suppliers


8D reports are a frequently chosen method to exchange complaints between suppliers and customers. In this process, 8 process steps are (usually) implemented by the supplier for solving a problem. The 8D report is a part of the complaint management and helps to increase the quality of the supplier.

The application created with Simplifier has been used to completely digitalize this process and replace error-prone Excel and SharePoint solutions.

The quality inspector uses a simple application (mobile and/or browser) and can thus trigger the 8D report. At the same time, this will be created in the existing QDX-compliant system, such as SAP.

Immediately when the quality inspector sends the 8D report, the supplier simultaneously receives a message on his Simplifier application containing the required response time and a specified deadline for execution. This allows him to start the response process and follow-up within his application.

Advantages of this application

Time saving of 40% during the capture process

Supplier’s 60% faster completion of the 8D reports

Multiple KPI tracking and central overview across all operations

Full integration with the QDX-compliant systems

App Preview

The preview of this application shows 3 of the 8 steps in two different mobile devices.

In addition to the initial step for capturing basic, customer and product data, additional app previews show the recording of a solution and the final step of process completion.

The application is designed for use on both desktop and mobile devices (tablet and smartphone).

Integration: In addition to the SAP ERP system and the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), integration also occurs using an Oracle database and suppliers’ portal system.

App Features Overview

GPS Tracking

PDF Creation

Video Recording

Photo Capturing


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