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Companies are receiving deliveries of goods every day. The inspection, documentation, and recording of these is necessary to be able to carefully handle the subsequent steps. With a digital goods receipt inspection, the process is significantly streamlined and the following challenges are solved:

  • Too much administrative effort due to paper-based processes
  • Time-consuming and highly error-prone data acquisition and transmission
  • Time-delayed processing and documentation of faulty deliveries
  • Insufficient transparency due to media disruptions and lack of reporting options


  • Felix Schoeller

  • Field of activity: Manufacturer of specialty paper
  • Employees: approx. 4.000
  • Headquarters: Osnabrueck
  • Users: Dispatchers and warehouse staff
  • ERP: SAP

Application description

It is essential that every goods receipt is carefully registered, checked and recorded. The application allows a more precise inspection of incoming goods directly at the goods receiving station. The delivery documents are scanned using a smart device so that direct documentation and checking of the delivered goods is possible. For this, a synchronization with the connected SAP system occurs, so that in case of deviations of the delivered parts, the delivered quantity or in case of defects, the escalation management with the supplier can be triggered immediately. If the delivery is correct, the goods are directly booked in the SAP system so that no manual entering is necessary.

The use of the application improves the handling with delivery documents, reduces mistakes in the process and increases the quality of the data. In addition, it significantly streamlines and accelerates the troubleshooting process. It also provides employees with a valuable overview of daily deliveries, enabling them to plan resources better and identify bottlenecks in time and thus absorb them better.

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