Digital guidance


Transfer of knowledge and tracability are a challenge for every enterprise. Furthermore, these processes are developing faster than ever before. Nowadays, however, this can hardly be guaranteed without comprehensive digitalization of the company’s internal business processes. In addition to that, digitalized processes are important in order to be able to act remotely.

In this context, something of great help is a digital app, leading through an entire process step-by-step.

The app is very versatile. For example, an app for more efficient picking can be used to ensure that picking is error-free and fast.

A digital repair guide teaches how to perform an assembly step-by-step – including 2D print, videos, 3d drawings and ar modus as well as all the necessary parts.

You need a digital visual inspection for construction components? No problem. With the corresponding app, a step-by-step visual inspection can be performed. Construction components can be visualized in 2D/3D. Photo and video may be used for the purpose of documentation. If required, experts can also be contacted via remote call.

A digital instructional app can also be used when replacing energy meters: Orders can be processed offline and returned online. Transmission errors are avoided by barcode scans and text recognition. For installers, route optimization can be carried out from the SAP system.

Highlights of this application

80% faster learning time

50 %

reduced error rate due to digital process

ROI within 2 months

100 %

Complete SAP integration possible

Examples of digital step-by-step guidances

Step-by-step Quality Audit app
Digital Visual-Inspection in multi-steps
Instruction app for meter replacement
Digital Repair Guide