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Digital work instruction

Consistent and secure guided work instruction including automated documentation.

The application in detail

Customer challenges

Production workers need clear, straightforward, and contextual work instructions to execute their tasks. However, paper-based instructions and the use of different tracking tools can lead to a variety of problems. Digital work instructions make all these problems a thing of the past:

  • Production errors due to outdated documents and instructions
  • Incorrect or incomplete information flow between workstations
  • Tedious tracking process of results and KPIs for management

  • Time-intensive communication of relevant information to management
  • High rework costs
  • Extensive training for new employees


  • Mechanical/Plant Engineering

  • Employees: 1.000-2.500

  • Headquarters: Frankfurt

  • Users: Production workers

  • ERP: SAP

Application description

In order to process a product efficiently and without errors, employees in a production environment always need the most up-to-date work instructions. This application provides manual and semi-automatic workstations with a step-by-step task list in a PDF format. Work tasks that have been successfully completed are recorded, allowing the employee to move on to the next process step. If a failure occurs, the application saves the affected step and the outcome. The workpiece will be booked accordingly for rework or scrapping.

Information of the workstation and the workpiece is shared with the subsequent workstations so that the processing procedure can be completed properly. Information collected along the manufacturing process is available to management through a dashboard. Individual sites and production lines can be called up separately.

Processing the information ensures a constant flow of information and the status quo can be monitored at any time.

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Application functions

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