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The application in detail

Customer challenges

Every purchaser knows it, the long way up to the confirmation of their own requirement. Without the use of a workflow management system, requisitions are often transferred to the approval process in paper form. This in turn leads to a high maintenance effort, intransparency and long transport and idle times.

  • Paper-based work leads to a high number of documents
  • The high administrative effort is reflected in resource and time planning

  • Processes that are insufficiently defined complicate monitoring and slow down operations

GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Eployees: 450

  • Headquarters: Nuremberg
  • Users: requesters and purchasers
  • ERP: PSI Penta

Application description

The developed app makes it possible to send requisitions directly to the company’s ERP system. Alternatively, it is also possible to create items from the store integrated via OCI as a requisition. If the user exceeds his release limit, the request is forwarded directly to the next higher instance for review and can be released directly, whereupon Purchasing in turn sees this in the system. By handling the entire process digitally, the live status of each request can be accessed and historical data can also be viewed.

By eliminating the need for paper documents, transparency can be significantly increased as work is carried out without media discontinuity. This relieves the purchasing department enormously, leads to faster processing, better data quality and creates new resources. Monitoring and reporting can also take place directly in the app and no longer has to be carried out by the company management in different systems.

Integrated systems

Application functions

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