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An inventory – either conducted on an ongoing basis or on a closing date – provides an overwiew of the company’s material supply and thus important information for the entire organisation. However, it is also prone to certain defects:

  • Lack of overview due to ambiguous responsibilities

  • Mix-ups of similar materials

  • Duplicated processing due to interrupted connections

  • Transfer of paper-based data into the system takes up time unnecessarily

  • High training costs for new employees


  • Technology and Industrial Goods Corporation
  • Employees: approx. 50,000

  • Headquaters: Linz

  • Users: Warehouse worker

  • ERP: SAP

Application description

The developed app digitalizes the inventory process in manufacturing environments. This makes it possible to complete the inventory process more quickly, simplifies it by providing an optimised overview, prevents errors and duplicated work, as it can be used regardless of location and time, on different end devices and even in offline mode.

The application guides the user through the necessary process steps one by one. Besides, it provides an overview not only of the necessary measures, but also of already performed inventories. The option of recording batch-managed media by scanning the QR or barcode simplifies and accelerates the processing of the work steps. Employees can only access the media and systems that have been approved for them by identifying themselves via a plant ID card.

Furthermore, additional process steps such as delivery and transfers can be implemented in the application to enable consistent management of the materials within an app.

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Application functions

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