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Initial Situation

Low code platforms are becoming more and more popular. They can be used to create your own applications without much programming effort. Thus digital processes can be simplified.

Simplification is the keyword. Simply spoken, this is what Simplifier and j&s-soft have brought together. J&s-soft is an expert in the field of SAP interface technology and, like Simplifier, is interested in simplifying the creation and management of integrated enterprise applications for customers.

The “Testing and Building as a Service” (TBaaS) stack is the result of this effort. With TBaaS, the automated testing of UI5 applications for the different end devices is considerably facilitated.

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TBaaS was the initial stage for the joint venture: At the UI5 Con 2018 Volker Buzek (SAP Development Mobility Architect, j&s-soft) presented a lecture on exactly this topic. For Christian Kleinschroth (CTO, Simplifier), listening to what he heard was like an “Aha” experience. It quickly became clear: There are many similarities between Simplifier and j&s-soft, both are strongly anchored in the SAP world.

The beginning of the cooperation was only a matter of time. Because: The low-code platform Simplifier is the only one of its kind that generates HTML5 applications based on UI5. It also covers the entire application lifecycle, including automated testing. However, Simplifier can only be used to test the app itself – using the OPA5 framework.

However, what it would look like on the different end devices, operating systems and browsers requires additional manual effort.

“It is our mission to ensure the future security of our customers with a trend-setting voice”.

Dirk Jennerjahn
Managing Director j&s-soft



This is where the TBaaS stack comes into the game: Basically, UI5 has the claim to run on all platforms and operating systems. During development, however, you can only test it on your own device. A tool chain with which one can test parallel on these target environments on which UI5 is to run was not yet known in the UI5 universe. With the TBaaS stack, J&s-soft has made parallel automated testing possible.

To optimize application development for Simplifier customers, we offer this feature to our customers as an add-on on request. If you would like to take advantage of these benefits and use the parallel automated testing of the TBaaS stack, please contact us for the appropriate licensing.

The following video interview shows why the partnership makes more than sense from a technological point of view.

“The TBaaS stack allows UI5 applications to be tested across a wide range of platforms and browsers”.

Volker Buzek
SAP Development Architect Mobility at j&s-soft

Simplifier and j&s-soft in the interview

About the interview:
Dirk Jennerjahn (Managing Director, j&s-soft), Christian Kleinschroth (CTO, Simplifier) und Volker Buzek (SAP Development Architect Mobility, j&s-soft) talk about Testing and Building as an automated solution that is integrated in Simplifier. They tell the story of the beginning of the Simplifier and j&s-soft partnership and why a cooperation between the two companies is neccessary.



In addition to the “T” from TBaaS, Simplifier would also like to offer the “B” soon: With the building part it is possible to assemble the UI5 application, which was created and tested, for mobile devices and deliver it to the iOS Appstore and Google Play Store.

T – B


Simplifier AG and j&s-Soft have been working together since 2019. The common mission is to simplify the automated testing of UI5 applications.

“We are glad to have won j&s-soft as a partner. This is not just due to the fact that we can compensate for missing methods with synergy effects, but also because we have a UI5 expert as an advocate for low code in them”.

Christian Kleinschroth
CTO Simplifier AG