Quality Assurance App

for SAP QM – Essential for every quality manager

A clean quality management system systematically structures and improves the processes in a company. In addition to the resulting transparency of processes, it increases customer satisfaction and ensures the long-term success of a company.

Do you know if your quality management is running as it supposed to?

With this application you can easily check this, at any time and on your mobile device of choice and immediately respond to any deviations.

  • Definition of minimum, maximum and actual values of the measured data as well as a graphical representation.
  • PDF creation and provision of test reports incl. diagrams
  • Measurement and limit values are created in the form of inspection lots in SAP

This application is intended for all companies that use SAP and want to optimize their quality management processes. People who use this app are usually executives and quality managers.

Advantages of this application

Faults in QM are quickly noticed thanks to visualization

Actual state indicated by graph visible even to non-specialists

All measured values can be called up at any time and anywhere

Saving time and optimizing processes

App Preview

The preview and visualization of the application depends strongly on the respective use cases and the data to be visualized.

In addition, you are able to choose whether the results of the quality inspection are displayed in the form of a table or as a graph.

In the example shown on the left, the density of a material was tested at a fixed temperature of 20 degrees.

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