Quality Certificates

Easy creation of test certificates

The application in detail

Challenges at the customer

Test certificates document the quality of a product. Especially for further processing, this verification is crucial to ensure that the final product meets the quality standards. A digital solution removes these obstacles in the process:

  • Hard to understand paper-based processes

  • Time-delayed, manual production of certificates

  • Decreasing satisfaction among customers and partners due to long waiting times and complex processes


  • Industry: Electrical and power engineering manufacturer

  • Employees: > 10.000

  • Headquaters: Erlangen

  • Users: IT decision-makers, department heads, management, employees

  • ERP: SAP

Application description

The application enables the automated creation and administration of test certificates in the production of vacuum-insulated tubes. It reads the data for each tube produced and checks that the tube has passed all the required tests.

Based on this validation, either a certificate or, in case of failures, a defect report is generated. The defect report is used to repair the tubes properly. The positive quality certificate is sent to the customer and serves as proof that all ordered pipes have passed the required tests.

The application also provides an overview of the generated certificates with versioning and a download function. The generated proofs can be checked, visualised and exported in the application.

Application functions

Simple app creation

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