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More than 11 million Germans move into a new home every year. The willingness to move is increasing from year to year. For the handover process, the rising numbers mean a growing number of takeover protocols. In order to contain this flood of paper, the use of smart and digital solutions is becoming more and more popular, especially in the housing and real estate sector. The bpd – business process & decision GmbH from Heidelberg is also dedicated to such a process optimization.

The bpd – business process & decision GmbH combines experience in consulting, design and implementation of business processes and IT systems as a competent consulting and implementation partner. With locations in Heidelberg and Hamburg, the company is a certified partner of SAP AG. The consultants at bpd are specialized in management and technology consulting in the energy supply, mechanical engineering, air transport and airline sectors.

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  • Heidelberg

  • 2018

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Whenever apartments or commercial properties are handed over, meter readings must be taken on site and the condition and any defects must be documented in a detailed takeover protocol. The entire process is often complex, involves paperwork, time-consuming and unproductive. Evidence of damage is photographed separately and, at best, attached to the protocol afterward. Subsequent scanning processes in the back office of signed protocols (e.g. for insurance claims and inspections) are often common.
The bpd – business process & decision GmbH offers a real relief with its application Gadgets4Business (short: uGad) which makes these processes extremely easier.



Acceptance, move-out, move-in, inspections and energy contracts – with the uGad application, tenant changes and the supply of energy can be handled quickly, easily and without paper protocols. Based on the low-code platform Simplifier, the application offers a digital all-round residential handover for the three areas of real estate, energy contracts and e-mobility. The application for iOS and Android not only supports the on-site process but also integrates all relevant backend systems such as SAP, WinCasa and AarealBank through simple interfaces. In this way, the necessary information about the tenant can be displayed directly on the tablet at the time of handover and the recorded data can be automatically imported into the system. Energy tariffs are available online.

By using the low-code platform Simplifier, the application can be adapted processually, functionally and layout-wise by any software-affine PC user. In addition, uGad digitally links energy sales, real estate management and e-mobility with the aim of reaching end customers directly at the beginning of the customer journey.

Slim and user-friendly menu navigation allows meter readings and defects to be recorded accurately and efficiently. With the additional photo function, corresponding images can be taken directly from the application and added to the protocol just-in-time. The application also provides enough space to add special arrangements. The approval of the end customer on the tray has been verified by lawyers. All necessary security mechanisms for a successful contract have been implemented into account.

The advantages of the application at a glance:

“The solution on the low-code platform Simplifier accelerates and, in particular, simplifies the change of tenant and energy – Wallbox applications.”

Peter Ruwe
Managing Director of bpd – business process & decision GmbH

Digital distribution 2.0

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The solution on the low-code platform Simplifier simplifies the handover of apartments and adds value to the transfer process. The intuitive usability of the application creates a high level of acceptance among tenants and landlords. Data can be maintained at any time and transfer protocols can be created, managed and archived completely without media discontinuity. This ensures greater transparency and clarity for all involved.

The digital sales solution has already been crowned by Energieloft innovation network as “Start-Up of the Week” .

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The uGad application is aimed at direct energy sales in the real estate industry (electricity/gas/heat) and the automotive industry (e-mobility). The application can be purchased at the beginning of 2018. The official launch for real estate companies/housing industry, municipal utilities and energy distributors as well as car dealerships has already been completed.


The bpd – business process & decision GmbH has been an official partner of Simplifier AG since 2017.

Due to the close cooperation with uGad, a market-ready, future-proof application could be developed in a very short time with the low-code platform Simplifier. Both sides benefit from each other’s sound industry knowledge, professional competence and IT-technical know-how.

Martin Borkamm
Development Manager, bpis/uGad