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Initial Situation

The energy industry 4.0 is the central topic for the energy industry, science and politics. The main driver here is digitalisation. This stands for a change in values within companies. The energy sector must rethink existing concepts and ensure that modern, digital business models are established. In the foreground is the provision of new services. As a result, the customer is becoming more and more the focus of attention. Data has long been recognized as an important driver of digitalization and business intelligence as an essential indicator of profitability. Also the COSMO CONSULT BI GmbH would like to extend its Data Analytics portfolio still more around solutions approximately around the energy customer.

With over 950 employees at 40 international locations, the COSMO CONSULT group is one of the leading providers of end-to-end business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP. COSMO CONSULT accompanies companies in digitalization and develops trendsetting industry 4.0 solution concepts. In addition to ERP systems, these also include solutions for business intelligence, enterprise portals or the Internet of Things (IoT). The COSMO CONSULT BI GmbH, located in Würzburg and Munich, acts as a specialist for the planning, realization and support of Business Intelligence projects based on Qlik® and Microsoft™ technologies. The strong industry focus, among other things on the energy and supply industry, secures purposeful service and competent consultation for enterprises.

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Business Challenge

As a result of digitization, collecting customer data is becoming easier and easier for companies in the energy sector. Nevertheless, a meaningful and profitable integration of existing data into business processes poses a great challenge. In order to guarantee a 360° customer view, a fully comprehensive software solution is therefore indispensable. For this reason, COSMO CONSULT BI GmbH joined forces with Simplifier AG as a strategic partner in order to jointly design a holistic solution that puts the customer more in the focus. The basis for the sales portal was created.



Based on the low-code platform Simplifier, the sales portal is divided into the following areas: New customer portal, customer administration, existing customer portal, self-service app and e-shop. The five modules guarantee a 360° view of all customers of the entire company. By the flexibility of the Simplifier platform the different ranges can be adapted flexibly to the workflows of the individual enterprises.

However, the portal not only offers advantages for companies, but also customers can get an overview of their customer data, tariffs and all transactions. The customer can contact the company at any time via the sales portal. Here it is possible either to contact the company via pre-selected topics or to transmit the request, whereupon customer service contacts the customer or receives feedback by e-mail. Online processing saves time and effort. The interaction and the improved service also create trust and ensure a higher level of loyalty to the company.

Separated together
The two areas of the sales portal are handled separately by the corresponding authorizations of the user. Thus, the data analytics component is only available to companies and is not visible for the customer. The necessary data flows directly from the ERP system into the application. Standardized and certified connectors of the low-code platform Simplifier ensure that original data is aggregated and displayed in the application directly from different databases or systems. In this way, both the information flow and the information density can be changed from system to user, even after delivery through simple configuration.

With the Qlik- and Power BI-based analysis solutions, companies can deliver all important information to the right employee at the right time, in the right place and in the right form, making highly efficient use of all data from the sales portal in the relevant departments.

Customer service benefits
The valid data is available to customer service at any time and is always up-to-date. This means that the call centers of the companies can always answer the questions of the respective customers with well-founded statements, either regarding billing or the current discount. Employees can be relieved by the independent maintenance of the data by the customer. Incorrect data is recognized more quickly and can be corrected immediately. The plausibility check built into the analysis solution avoids false meter messages. The number of incorrect invoices is greatly reduced.

Multi-device use
The possibility to use the data on mobile devices is one of many advantages for sales and key account. Companies can, for example, filter the inhabitants of a certain postal code area according to their potential during their cold call visits and additionally evaluate useful information about competitors. A customer segmentation concept with conclusions about the churn rate is used for efficient customer loyalty strategies and measures. In this way, customers can be identified for whom there is an increased risk of change. Sales and key accounts can use the sales portal to proactively and target-oriented address these customers and thus ensure greater customer loyalty.

Furthermore, the sales portal can be easily integrated into the website of the individual company. This offers the customer improved service and more transparency. With the integrated business intelligence solution, the company itself has access to all data from the portal.

Focus on the energy customer

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In the future the costumer can be better positioned in the focus with the solution of the low-code platform Simplifier. The intuitive usability of the application creates a high level of acceptance among companies and customers. Data can be maintained at any time. This ensures greater transparency and clarity for all participants.

greater transparency

maximum flexibility

highest possible actuality

better evaluation possibilities

lower error rate


Since 2017 COSMO CONSULT has been an official partner of Simplifier AG.

Through the open and cooperative collaboration, the various modules of the sales portal could be developed with the low-code platform Simplifier in a very short time. The geographical proximity of the two offices in Würzburg of Simplifier and COSMO CONSULT BI have contributed to a constant exchange. By the bundling of resources larger orders can be jointly accomplished in the future. In addition, the partnership contributes to an expansion of the available know-how.

“COSMO CONSULT and Simplifier pursue a common goal – to support companies in the energy and utility industry on their way to Utility 4.0. Through the partnership, we can now implement holistic digitalization and business intelligence projects and offer suitable solutions – a clear added value and good reason for our partnership!”

Daniel Phillipp
Head of Utilities, Cosmo Consult BI GmbH


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