Smart Maintenance Dashboard

For real-time monitoring of machine data and production lines

The Smart Maintenance Dashboard is used for real-time monitoring of machine data. A color-coded indicator immediately shows if a production line is outside the predefined thresholds. This allows a quick response.

Go ahead and move to Industry 4.0 with this dashboard, which allows users to monitor the status of their machines at any time, set thresholds and trigger alarms when they are exceeded. Push notifications are sent to smartwatches, tablets and/or smartphones, so you are always informed about the status of your production lines, wherever you are. You can trigger the follow-up process of a maintenance task from a fault message at any time.

With the Smart Maintenance Dashboard App, monitoring machine data becomes child’s play! Machine downtimes can be avoided as there is continuous monitoring and no need to interrupt for routine maintenance. Minimizing travel time and costs is also a great advantage for companies, as with the right applications many things can be done remotely.

App Preview

Highlights of this application

99 %

The configuration level of the application is about 99%.

Complete integration into the SAP system

Real-time information on any end device via OPC/UA connector

Push notifications of malfunction messages (monitoring)

App Features Overview

Dashboard for Smartphones,
Tablets and Browser

for real-time monitoring of machine data and production lines

User authentication
& access management

via Fingerprint and QR-Code


whenever thresholds are exceeded

Integrated remote-
service-call function

Expert assistance via video streaming and audiovisual support

A detail view of
the machine data

to check information about the name, description and location of the machine (address)

Create incident

that is directly implemented into the SAP ERP system