Identity Orchestrator

Platform for Identity-Management

1. Initial Situation

Anyone who has to handle this on a regular basis knows that there is a lot of effort behind SAP authorizations. Which employee is allowed to see and edit which data? Where is the appropriate role for a requirement? What is the current status of role adjustments? What is the authorization concept?

Idemus solutions helps here. The Schwabach-based company makes SAP authorizations simple and straightforward. With more than 20 years of experience in SAP authorization consulting, idemus solutions knows exactly how user and role administration must be structured to enable efficient and convenient work. At idemus solutions, they are aware of the importance of a well thought-out, legally watertight authorization concept – and how to develop and implement it. Idemus solutions offers – nomen est omen – solutions that guide employees intuitively and in a relaxed manner through all authorization processes.

Now, managing users and their roles is not usually a business model with which companies earn money directly. Quite the opposite: in most cases, the corresponding organization of authorizations is a chore, where companies also try to keep costs low. Nevertheless – or perhaps precisely because of this – in many cases it does not work as desired.

However, every company needs to provide resources to manage its users and their permissions.

There are some IDM (identity management) tools for this purpose. But these tie up resources again, both additional hardware and manpower is needed. And: Often, even additional consulting costs are incurred.

In addition to that, the usability leaves much to be desired in many cases.

  • idemus solutions GmbH

  • Schwabach

  • 2020

  • IDM Platform

Excited partner

„The Simplifier platform allowed us to develop our Identity Orchestrator natively in UI5. Simplifier also enabled us to easily connect all interfaces and various databases, as well as integrate all legacy systems.“

Klaus Reutner, Head of IT/ Development idemus solutions GmbH

2. The Challenge

What is needed is a solution that frees up resources so that they can be used for the actual core processes. Of course, this solution must be state-of-the-art in terms of user experience. In addition, it obviously has to be equally comfortable to use on the desktop, on the tablet and on the smartphone.

In addition, the solution should have a streamlined, clear and self-explanatory interface. This means that employees can use the tool even without appropriate training. Furthermore, the solution should not have to be installed and administrated individually in each company, but should run centrally and thus save costs.

Since IDM systems must be able to manage roles and users of many companies and systems, there are many interfaces of all kinds (SAP, databases, LDAP, oData, etc.). This increases development costs just as quickly as the implementation of interfaces in responsive design and operation on different user devices.

Generic tasks must therefore be implemented automatically, so that the wheel is not constantly reinvented. If this is successful, IDM saves time and money for everyone involved.

3. Solution

With the help of the low-code platform Simplifier and its framework, idemus solutions has fulfilled exactly these requirements for an IDM. The result was the Identity Orchestrator.

With this tool, thousands of users can be easily managed simultaneously – across all SAP, but also non-SAP systems used in a company. Thanks to the development in UI5, the employees of the specialist departments can work with interfaces that they already know and are familiar with from SAP Fiori.

User and role management can be defined according to individual specifications. Customers from all industries and of all sizes integrate their existing HR system and store their own rules, which in future will form the basis for automated workflows. They use the clear and user-friendly information systems to keep track of users, positions, jobs, roles and authorizations.

“By using the Simplifier low-code platform, we benefit from greater efficiency and speed – and our customers benefit from a more convenient user experience in our software.”

Joanna Reutner, Head of Sales and Law, idemus solutions GmbH

4. Results

The result is an IDM platform that is centrally managed, based on lean interfaces including Responsive Design and fully relies on the Simplifier framework in the backend. The latter has massively shortened the development time! The Identity Orchestrator does not have to be installed and operated at any company that wants to use it. Thus, no local resources are tied up.

The decisive advantage: Companies using the Identity Orchestrator do not have to start from green field. End customers benefit from user and role management in a modern UX – and the possibility to save resources:

  • The entry page in the modern tile layout and the intuitive user guidance help to simplify the processes.
  • The role application is child’s play even for those employees who use the tool only sporadically. They are guided through the process step by step and reach the desired result with just a few clicks.
  • User and role management can be defined according to individual specifications and are the basis for automated workflows.
  • The user master record has a completely new, modern look and feel, but retains the familiar structures from an SAP system to which employees are already accustomed.
  • Thanks to the clear and user-friendly information systems, companies can keep control over users, positions, jobs, roles, transactions and authorizations.

optimal user experience through responsive design and modern layout

Trouble-free integration of existing interfaces and legacy systems

native development in UI5

Added value in app creation by leveraging low-code


Reduction of development effort.


Faster application development.


Reduction of development costs.

5. Perspective

The Identity Orchestrator combines the advantages of already existing IDM – but without adopting their weaknesses. It can and should be used in companies of any size and various industries to optimize user and role management in the SAP context.

For this purpose, idemus solutions initially offers the Orchestrator in the basic version. This already includes the modern, responsive design including advanced UX, the guided processes and automatable workflows as well as the individualization options through own, freely definable rules.

In close cooperation with the customers who use the Identity Orchestrator from idemus solutions, the tool shall grow and evolve. Individual solutions are implemented according to the customer’s wishes, likewise fundamental feedback that complements and improves the basic version of the Orchestrator. By this means, the Identity Orchestrator constantly presents its best version – according to the real needs of the customer – and evolves into a complete GRC suite (Governance Risk & Compliance)

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