Project Description

Sales 4.0 by mysalesassistant



Initial Situation

The digital transformation stands worldwide for drastic changes in the most diverse areas of companies. The change does not stop in the sales sector. In order to meet the growing requirements of customers and to be able to meet their wishes for individuality and high flexibility, companies often enter into cooperations. By joint customer projects the different authority can be united and offered to the customer holistic solutions. New business models are needed to make these partnerships more effective. With the help of powerful apps on any end device, sales can increase their sales success and gain efficiency. The upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH also entered into such a partnership.

The upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH is a family-owned, highly specialized company based in Nuremberg. Since it was founded in 1997, the company has been active throughout Europe in the IT/TK sector as a training, consulting and marketing service provider. Eleven employees and a network of external consultants and trainers accompany companies and manufacturers from the B2B sector in their entire sales value creation.

From small medium-sized companies up to global corporations – the upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH supports and accompanies companies on their way to digital transformation. From innovation workshops to the introduction of an innovation culture, the company offers every support for effective change management.

  • upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung & Training mbH
  • Nuremberg
  • 2017

  • Sales 4.0


Business Challenge

In the course of a customer project with one of the world’s leading solution providers in the IT environment, upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH started with the conception of an app, which should simplify and automate the cooperation in sales.

The sales employees of the manufacturer and a service provider should be supported in their daily work and have all relevant information available at a glance for cross-company projects. Thus, the sales process can be standardized and overlaps in approaching customers can be avoided.

The idea for „mysalesassistant“ was born.



The app “mysalesassistant” is based on the low-code platform Simplifier. This enables a resource-saving configuration of the application. The database is created by the CRM system Pipedrive. It lists all customer projects on which the manufacturer works together with the service provider. Using standardized connectors, the app accesses the CRM system just-in-time and provides both sales departments with up-to-date information. It does not depend on which operating system (IOS, Android or Windows10) or end device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, data glasses or wearables) is currently in use. Independence from end devices also means that new innovative devices and technologies can be used very easily without having to change the actual app.

With “mysalesassistant”, sales staff can see at a glance which conversations have already been held with individual customers, the status of the collaboration and how many active joint projects are currently in the pipeline. Using a predefined automatism from various framework criteria, the sales employee is also informed via a warning triangle whether there are delays in a project or whether open activities are due. This ensures sustainability in the sales process.

The clarity of the app enables the sales managers of the manufacturer and the service provider to coordinate sales activities, identify cross-selling potentials and quickly obtain an overview of all relevant information. Furthermore, it is possible to access an online booking system and other services directly from the app. Should one of the companies require support from upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH, a coaching session can be booked with just a few clicks.



With the solution on the low-code platform Simplifier, the cooperation of the sales departments can be made more effective and sustainable in the future. The intuitive usability of the app creates a high level of acceptance among employees. Status values can be retrieved at any time with the most current data. This ensures greater transparency and clarity for all participants.

More effective collaboration …

through transparency and instruments to ensure sustainability in the sales process. Overview on which customers and approx. 100 sales projects are being actively worked on.

Smart solution …

by reducing the information from approx. 50,000 data records to cooperation-relevant data as well as intuitive operability.

Actuality …

through access to API interface from associated CRM. Changes are always visible just in time.


Since 2017 upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH has been an official partner of Simplifier AG.
Due to the joint cooperation with the low-code platform Simplifier, an optimal result could be achieved in a very short time. In a small project team ideas were collected, discussed and finally a concept was developed. Anna-Lena Ganster, project manager of upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH, was introduced to the functionalities of the Simplifier in advance through intensive training sessions at qSkills GmbH & Co. KG.

“Throughout the entire duration of the project, we felt that Simplifier AG was providing us with very good support. From the very beginning, we had a productive exchange where both sides could benefit from each other’s ideas.”

Anna-Lena Ganster
Project manager at upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH

“We quickly realized that we could achieve the best possible result through very open and direct communication. Our goal was not to take everything into our own hands. We were rather accompanied by Simplifier AG. This was the only way we managed to develop an app within 3 days.”

Walter Kapp
Managing director at upDATE Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH

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