Project Description

Smart Laboratory

More efficient laboratory processes through intelligently networked equipment.

Visit the laboratory of the future. Completely connected and communicating laboratory equipment and wearables such as Smart Glasses or Smart Watches ensure hands-free interaction with equipment and hazardous materials.


Initial Situation

Laboratory work requires high concentration. Even a small mistake can ruin a whole day’s work. The laboratory worker has to pay attention to many things, for example not to contaminate samples or not to come into contact with dangerous substances. In addition, all processes must be strictly observed and documented.


Business Challenge

Manual documentation with a high susceptibility to errors, compulsory attendance during lengthy test series and constant reference to manuals and directories – all this creates unnecessary complexity in the laboratory and harbours risks for errors or even the health of employees.



In a networked laboratory, efficiency and reduced error rates dominate. Seamlessly digitized processes guarantee consistent communication between laboratory equipment, LIM systems and employees with data glasses or other wearables.

Digital instructions from connected backend systems ensure correct test procedures and execution. Documentation is provided by video and photo and requires no manual recording.
Almost every laboratory process can be completely digitally mapped with the Simplifier and corresponding networking.

  • Automatic documentation of experiments and analyses

  • All laboratory processes can be implemented

  • Optimized safety conditions

  • Fewer errors, increased efficiency and a focus on the essentials

The video was made together with Leibniz Universität Hannover.