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Viessmann IT Service

Customer Success
Interview with Harald Dörnbach and Andreas Schreiber

Bischof + Klein

Customer Success
Interview with Tobias Lührig (CEO)


Partner Success
Interview with Thomas Weimar and Timo Bureck

Brückner Maschinenbau

Customer Success
Interview with Heinz Plank

Siemens AG

Customer Success
Interview with Sebastian Grimm

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Customer statements

„We compared several low-code platforms based on our requirements. The integration into the existing SAP ecosystem was easier with Simplifier than with other solutions“
The Success Story

Birgit Wellenreuther | Head of Business Application, Südzucker AG
„Compared to customizing off-the-shelf applications, which require significant modification due to the complexity of our processes, Simplifier allows us to achieve ROI much faster.“
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Dr. Tobias Lührig | CEO, Bischoff + Klein SE & Co. KG

„We chose Simplifier as our low-code platform, which gives us completely different and new ways to implement SCP-integrated UI5 applications more efficiently for our customers“
The Success Story

Thomas Weimar | Senior Manager Asset Management, BTC AG

„Simplifier empowers us as a business unit to deploy UI5 apps for our factory with shop floor and SAP integration in a very short time. My team was able to create integrated apps in a few days even without coding skills“
The Success Story

Sebastian Grimm | Head of Operational Excellence

„We were looking for a technology that allows us to completely digitise internal as well as external processes while following a clear software architecture, which we found with Simplifier“

The Success Story

Jochen Ganz | Head of New Business & Innovation, WEINIG Group

„Thanks to the holistic grid portal solution, which was implemented on the basis of the low-code technology Simplifier, we are able to handle the grid access process completely digitally from both a planning and a commercial point of view“
The Success Story

Karl-Heinz Kasel | Head of customer service access, SWO Netz GmbH

„Simplifier fits very well into the Viessmann IT strategy, as we would like to continue to implement as many internal applications as possible with the UI5 framework used in the future“
The Success Story

Andreas Schreiber | Head of GCP and Development, Viessmann IT Service

„The key criterion in the choice of a platform was Simplifier’s strong SAP expertise, as KHS is very SAP-centric. We urgently needed a platform vendor who could operate natively in the SAP world.“
The Success Story

Torben Brill | Project Manager, KHS Group

„With Simplifier, it was possible to implement an app with full integration of the existing SAP module and to go live in less than one day“
The Success Story

Heinz Plank | IT specialist SAP Applications and Integration, Brückner Maschinenbau

„With Simplifier as a basis, it is easy for us to iteratively develop new app functions and implement adaptations based on customer feedback quickly and without much effort“
The Success Story

Elisa Oberdorf | Portfolio Management Digital Business, WEINIG AG

„The application based on the low-code platform Simplifier is a component within the framework of a holistic digitalisation strategy around the data of our machines“
The Success Story

Tobias Reissmann | CEO, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

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