The internet of things and it’s subcategory, the industrial internet of things is gaining traction around the world. Many businesses want to take part in the ride, but most are not aware of the huge challenges that need to be overcome. As a decision maker, you might find yourself puzzled.

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • How to get into the IoT game
  • How to set up an effective plan for your IoT strategy
  • Basic components you will need for your first successful project
  • Questions you need to ask yourself when creating a business case
  • Examples of successful projects and takeaway

This Webinar ist available on GoToWebinar.

Director of Sales at Mygo Consulting


Mauricio Grossi is the Director of Sales at Mygo Consulting, an end-to-end SAP shop. Mauricio excels at helping clients uncover their pain points, while navigating through the deep seas within SAP, to find the right solution that fits their needs.