The creation of application entails costs: both in terms of money and time. Everyone needs applications (apps) – fast AND inexpensive.  Impossible? Not with the right tools. Enter: low code platforms.

„Quicker than a ray of light”  (Madonna)– In many cases, that is the desired pace when it comes to the creation of applications.

Specialty departments need new apps virtually every day, in order to be able to steadily improve on their work performance.

Unfortunately, reality looks a little different, since long waiting periods occur rather often. The reason: IT experts do not have enough time. Or even worse: companies do not have enough IT experts to implement the numerous ambitions (german). Often times, the internal departments do not have enough patience while waiting for their ordered applications or their prototypes.

Clocking in with low code platforms

To avoid that, it takes an adequate solution. Best-case scenario: the solution enables technology-affine staffers to support the creation of applications for their departments respectively speeds up the whole process.

Time for low code platforms.

Why? Due to their easy handling, applications can be created way faster than with regular coding methods (german)! And faster creation eventually leads to higher efficency!

How? In contrast to programming environments, prefabricated standard software modules are used, not individual program codes. They are controlled via intelligent metadata in such a way that a program behavior is created that, from the user’s point of view, is almost identical to a conventionally programmed application.

The prefabricated elements then only need to be “clicked together”.

UI interface with configuration elements (Simplifier)

Timelessly beautiful results

The user in the specialty department therefore does not need profound programming knowledge in order to be able to solve smaller problems himself. Naturally, this leads to a substantial acceleration of all processes: The user is not completely dependent on the IT when creating or adapting the application. Rather, he can take care of  minor difficulties and continue his work. This saves time – for him and for the company!

The IT colleague, on the other hand, does not have to completely rush everything to a halt in order to fix the problem in the specialty department. This also saves time – for him and for the company!

All in all, this is an additional gain for everyone involved – with impressive results.

Low code: a new time period for companies

So, low code platforms help both: The rather inexperienced user AND the IT expert / developer.

This approach makes it possible to implement even more complex applications with data integration without having to code. Basic functions on design, process and integration level are supported by configuration. More individual adaptations and functions can be extended seamlessly by the use of additionally added program codes.

This gives the user the advantage of being able to act way more independently. On the other hand, he can convey “his” problems better to the IT expert. After all, the latter will still be in charge of putting the application into the company IT context.

In turn, the simplicity of low code platforms has a pleasant side effect for IT experts: they can “return” individual tasks to the user. This frees up capacities for more complex and strategic tasks, as annoying, recurring tasks are eliminated.

And that is how innovations are created that keep a company up to date!


It is plain to see: the hour of low code platforms has come.

Any company that needs applications  but neither commands the necessary IT experts nor the necessary time cannot do without a low code platform.

These platforms impress with their simple handling and high flexibility when it comes to application creation.

Low code platforms enable companies to save time and to invest in the future!

If you would like to learn more about low code platforms, do not hesitate to contact us!