Having a consistent basis for working is an elementary prerequisite for successful projects and efficient collaboration. This also applies to the IT sector. However, here in particular, numerous frameworks and tools are used due to different areas of application, specifications and even preferences. In order to improve collaboration within the IT team, HSB Elektro GmbH decided to introduce Simplifier. Not only does the low-code platform unify the development environment, it also minimizes the tool chain and breaks down knowledge silos. Thus, the technology ensures more traceability within projects and a more efficient collaboration of the team. 

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HSB Elektro GmbH is a mid-sized company that represents quality with its cables and wires in Europe’s DIY stores since nearly 30 years. Thereby, the company places high demands not only on its products, but also on internal processes and structures. Therefore, the SME decided to implement the low-code platform Simplifier in order to break down know-how silos and streamline collaboration within the IT department.

Streamlined process for joint success 

Based on the desire to provide the entire IT team with a central development interface, HSB Elektro increasingly paid attention to the topic low-code. In particular, the reuse of created components played a role in the decision for the technology. During the resulting research, Simplifier quickly emerged as the favorite. The electrical expert was particularly convinced by the fact that the platform’s development interface is appealing even to pro-developers. At the same time, the company’s headquarter in Germany, and thus the uncomplicated cooperation, along with the attractive licensing model, were key factors in the choice of Simplifier. In addition, the continuous further development of the platform and the SAP expertise favored the decision.

Leveraging and enhancing synergies 

Prior the IT team at HSB Elektro used a wide variety of frameworks for programming the necessary solutions. As a result, it was not only difficult to provide mutual support for projects, but also resulted in the use of a large number of tools. At the same time, knowledge silos meant that expert knowledge was focused on individual employees. By implementing Simplifier, the tool chain was streamlined and standardized. At the same time, the ability to adapt and reuse existing components makes diverse expertise available to the entire team.

“Different focuses have also developed in the team with Simplifier. However, we now have a uniform and comprehensive development environment in which everyone can contribute their knowledge. Colleagues can also adapt and reuse elements that have been created – so we work together in a more interlocked way and benefit from continuity in our projects.”

Joachim Thiel, Head of IT, HSB Elektro GmbH

“HSB takes ideal advantage of the low-code technology and our platform. Reusability of elements, cooperation, collaboration and transparency are central elements of Simplifier. We are glad that our advantages were convincing and that the partnership is working optimally.”

Florian Rühl, Member of the Board , Simplifier AG

Optimal overview and fast information 

After the joint enabling by Simplifier and the integration partner mindsquare, HSB Elektro implemented a hub with several different applications. This contains various smaller apps, primarily from the area of logistics, is integrated into the SAP system used, offers employees the possibility to access information in an uncomplicated manner and provides overviews.

“With Simplifier, we are able to design the necessary applications entirely according to our requirements and wishes and still connect them optimally to SAP. Our colleagues therefore work with a uniform interface, always have the necessary information at hand and don’t have to worry about synchronization. At the same time, we in the IT team have the possibility to manage access authorizations and roles in a meaningful way.”

Joachim Thiel, Head of IT, HSB Elektro GmbH

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