The solution for your industry

Your company is unique! So why stick to standards when you easily can digitally represent the processes your company needs to stay competitive? A low-code platform disrupts traditional code-based application development and therefore delivers its benefits completely independent of your industry.

Learn here how other companies in your industry are already successfully using the Simplifier platform. Dive into use cases and get an insight into the solution itself in best practice webinars.

Especially when it comes to disparate systems, Simplifier allows you to create a unified and media-disruption-free work environment for your employees through its myriad integration options, interfaces, and Connected Worker strategy.

Change management in the enterprise will no longer be seen as a “drop in the bucket”. That’s because the platform not only enables your IT department to complete projects faster and more efficiently. Employees from other departments are also in demand and have the opportunity to design applications, implement them quickly and enter the test phase.

Different focus

American Software Vendors:

  • Grown up in the finance and insurance industry
  • More focused on database-driven desktop applications, workflows and customer portals

German Software Vendors:

  • rather successful in the field of energy and manufacturing industries, such as power engineering, mechanical engineering or automotive
  • strong in the area of mobile connectivity (Bluetooth, RFID, NFC) and (SAP) integration

Our customers successfully use low-code in the following industries:


These companies rely on Simplifier:

Consumer Goods

These companies rely on Simplifier:


These companies rely on Simplifier:

Energy & Supply

These companies rely on Simplifier:

Health, Pharma, Chemistry

These companies rely on Simplifier:


These companies rely on Simplifier:

Banking & Insurances

These companies rely on Simplifier: