Optimal integration with SAP: Felix Schoeller goes for Simplifier

An increasing number of companies are relying on low-code for application development, as this innovative technology not only accelerates time-to-market, but also improves collaboration and reduces the workload of the IT department. Among those companies that are already taking advantage of these benefits is the Felix Schoeller Group. The family business chose the low-code platform Simplifier to handle SAP-centric applications.


What low-code platform fits my business?

If you are thinking about implementing a low-code platform in your company, you need to decide on the right platform. This isn't always simple. In our blog post, we explain why you should make your choice thoughtfully and tell you which criteria are crucial for selecting the right platform.


Low code platforms as a bridge…

Low Code platforms serve as a bridge between IT and specialty departments. They make it possible for companies with scarce IT ressources to create their urgently needed applications.


Strategic partnership expanded – BTC acquires Netzportal solution from Wuerzburg-based low-code provider Simplifier

The Wuerzburg-based software manufacturer Simplifier and the Oldenburg-based IT company BTC announce the acquisition of the Netzportal solution by BTC Business Technology Consulting AG. Through the acquisition, BTC AG further expands its competencies and team strength in the area of digital asset management for the energy market. Simplifier thus focuses on the company's strategic orientation towards low-code technology competence.


IT-Awards 2021: Simplifier wins platinum for the third time

Press Release: Simplifier has received the highest award attainable in the Low Code / No Code category at the Vogel IT Awards 2021. This is the third win of the Platinum award for the eponymous Low Code Platform. Simplifier thus repeatedly prevails over the platform vendors identified as market leaders in the Gartner and Forrester reports.

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