2107, 2021

What low-code platform fits my business?


If you are thinking about implementing a low-code platform in your company, you need to decide on the right platform. This isn't always simple. In our blog post, we explain why you should make your choice thoughtfully and tell you which criteria are crucial for selecting the right platform.

203, 2021

KHS Group uses Simplifier to create digital applications


The KHS Group based in Dortmund is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems in the beverage and liquid food sectors. Digital helpers in form of applications are needed for the production, which will be created in the future with low-code technology from Wuerzburg.

2101, 2021

Release 6.0 Preview – Part 2: Support the Low-Code Trends

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Simplifier supports the trends in low-code development with Release 6.0: Citizen Development and the usage of low-code platforms in companies is increasing due to better functions for even easier access.

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