Agile software development on a new level: Simplifier Release 6.0 – now available

Würzburg, February 11, 2021 – With the aim that application development is becoming much easier for users without programming knowledge as well as for professional software developers, the German low-code provider Simplifier has been working intensively on the new release of its platform over the last six months. The focus of Simplifier Release 6.0 has been on optimizing the user experience. Highlights include the fresh new design, the availability of intelligent wizards and the Simplifier Marketplace with ‘ready-to-use’ connectors and app templates. 

The past year has shown that companies need to be resilient, agile and digitized to overcome challenges such as the current pandemic. The use of flexible technologies, such as low-code platforms, increase the adaptability and resilience of companies in the face of unexpected changes. Additionally, the use of citizen developers and low-code platforms has been shown to accelerate enterprise digitization and improve software developer agility. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to involve employees from the business departments, who have the process know-how, in the digitization process. Low-code development tools empower them to support the creation of digital solutions.

To enable companies to make the best use of these internal resources, Simplifier has worked intensively on the new Release 6.0 over the past six months. The update includes three particularly noteworthy ‘highlight features’ and many other optimizations, making application creation with the Würzburg-based low-code provider’s Simplifier platform now even more user-friendly.

Reza Etemadian,
Chief Executive Officer and Founder | Simplifier

“With the new power features, our low-code platform is the perfect tool to build strategic citizen development in enterprises and support business unit developers in application development,” explains Reza Etemadian, CEO at Simplifier. “This enables companies to make even better use of their internal resources and drive their digitization projects faster.”

Intelligent support thanks to app wizards 

The smart assistants guide the user step by step through the individual processes of app development. Citizen developers and Simplifier beginners can use them to create a completely finished app in less than five minutes. The intelligent “little helpers” also save professional developers a considerable amount of time: Thus, they can become familiar with the platform very quickly and build database-based apps, for example, in a snap.

Useful synergy effects with the new marketplace 

Release 6.0 also provides a completely new integration medium: the Simplifier Marketplace. This initially provides access to ready-made connectors from the SAP, Microsoft and Google worlds. In the future, however, users will also find numerous ready-to-use applications here as templates for their apps to be created. As a result, they benefit from synergies and can use existing use cases and integration scenarios for their individual use case just with a few modifications. Connectors and app templates can easily be imported and used in Simplifier via download. By having access to pre-built modules like these, all developers – whether citizen developers or pro-developers – will be able to save a lot of time and money in software development.

The Simplifier community page also offers a detailed documentation for many of the Marketplace contents. The Marketplace is considered one of the most important power features in Release 6.0 and can be enlarged step by step with additional templates right from the launch through the support of Simplifier partners, but later also by Simplifier community members. Simplifier’s intention here is to drive the growth of the existing ecosystem and to integrate the community – consisting of customers, partners, developers and users – even more closely. In addition, the content of the Marketplace helps to continuously improve the usability of Simplifier.

“Usability was a strong focus for the new Simplifier Release 6.0,” explains Christian Kleinschroth, CTO at Simplifier. “Our fresh new design, smart wizards and Simplifier Marketplace will make it much easier for both no and low coders as well as pro coders to build applications in an agile way.”

Christian Kleinschroth,
Chief Technology Officer and Founder | Simplifier

New Look&Feel 

To speed up the process from app idea to finished implementation for existing users and newcomers, the look and feel of the Simplifier platform has been given a high priority in the new release. The dashboard is reduced to the essential information, making it clearer and tidier. In a new central main menu within the left sidebar, all functions are now directly accessible. In addition, new community elements have been integrated into the dashboard, providing direct access to the new Marketplace, to the release notes or even to the community forum.

The strong focus on user-friendliness is also evident in the redesigned widget groups view: the more than 50 ready-made design elements are represented in the new release as unique icons. This means that every user can immediately find out which elements they want to use for their mockup and can integrate them directly into their screen design via drag & drop.

The Process Designer also appears in a new, fresh look. Thus, the processes are even easier to understand. But most of all, the performance has been significantly improved: By shortening the loading times of processes, the performance could be increased by a whopping 80 percent. This means that the processes now only require a fraction of the previous loading time, which also significantly accelerates the time required to produce the finished app.

Additional new features in Release 6.0 

In addition to the features mentioned above, many more functions have been integrated in Release 6.0, and existing ones have been enhanced and optimized. All details can be found in the new Simplifier Release Notes.

Low-code platform Simplifier: Future-proof and state-of-the-art  

Simplifier enables real-time, web-based, collaborative app creation. The platform is based on open standards and completely avoids vendor lock-in. The “software made in Germany” has already received several awards. In addition, Simplifier AG offers a broad ecosystem around the platform, which includes a strong partner network as well as a large community of Simplifier users. The users are supported by comprehensive support services like trainings, enabling packages and workshops, as well as public information about the product via online trainings, documentation, forum and a knowledge base.

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