The Simplifier premium feature Audio/Video-Call helps your app users to get quick support from experts working remotely – without leaving the app. Avoid delays by contacting the relevant person directly with one click and get support via audio, video and chat for all time-critical questions

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In these current unprecedented times, being able to help people while working remotely is crucial. 

If your company e.g. is facing technical difficulties with a machine, this is an even bigger problem now than it would be in “normal” times: Experts, who could fix this problem, are not able to come to the affected production areas due to the Corona virus. And even if it is not a virus, that is holding them back, there are plenty of other reasons why you might not get the specialist you need. So, you need alternatives. 

Multi-conferencing tool

To keep your work processes running effectively, you might have to hold remote meetings with your team, collaborate and/ or send documents to each other – these days, that is not a big issue. There is a large number of conferencing tools to choose from with the likes of Zoom or Microsoft Teams 

But what if you not only need an Audio/ Video-Call, but also documents, a 3D image or step-by-step assistance to solve the problem? This is not exactly a hotspot for a standard conferencing app. 

And that is exactly where Simplifier comes in with an awesome remote service feature.

Audio/ Video Call Test


This readymade feature can be integrated into any Simplifier application. Once it is integrated into the app, there is no more need to change to any other video communication service such as Zoom, Teams or WebEx. NOTE: For security reasons, a valid authentication is required. Communication is only possible with other internal or external simplifier users. 

Remote Support Calls can help you keep your business running

With the integrated Audio/ Video-Call feature, an employee on location will be able to approach the above-mentioned machine with a mobile device and share his screen with a remote expert. Thus, the specialist can support the worker at the machine with the necessary instructions or send him details by using technical specifications or construction plans. 

If you would like to learn how to integrate the Audio/Video-Call feature into your existing app, it would be a pleasure for us to assist you in this process! Schedule an appointment now! Alternatively, we will gladly give you a demonstration of the feature or a short web session.

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