For three years the most popular low-code vendors have been honoured at the IT awards, and Simplifier has been on the winners’ podium for the third time in a row – a great series of successes by the low-code vendor from Würzburg.

For the sixth time the readers of Vogel Medien GmbH’s “insider portals” have voted which companies should receive the coveted IT award in their respective category. The low-code category was included three years ago and Simplifier this year, for the third time in a row, once again succeeded in being one of the three best or rather most popular low-code vendors: We won gold and are very happy about it!

This time, platinum went to one of our major competitors (Outsystems), who, like us, was also represented at the last two IT awards in the low-code category. Thus we have been sharing the winners’ podium from the very beginning with them. This is mainly due to the fact that both vendors have similar, promising approaches: a low-code platform for simple application development with good tool support for Citizen Developer and involvement of the business departments. Our current release 5.5, launched in June, is the best example of this: Thanks to the more user-friendly templates and extremely easy-to-use tools, application creation has become even easier and is therefore also suitable for users without programming skills – keyword No-Code.

In direct comparison, what distinguishes us in particular is the framework that we use, our industry orientation and our technological specialisation. Whereas our competitor used to operate mainly in the financial sector, our customers are more likely to be in the manufacturing and utilities sectors. Accordingly, the orientation in the development of the low-code platform was different. In the meantime, both platforms operate independently of the industry. Simplifier offers a particularly high level of technological flexibility – for example, through simplified and standardised integration at the top floor and shop floor level and in the selection of supported mobile devices. Which solution is the more suitable one therefore depends essentially on the concrete requirements of the customer. If, for example, he needs comprehensive SAP integration and applications that can simultaneously read machine data, then Simplifier should be the best solution for him thanks to our specialisation.

No matter whether platinum or gold – the crucial point is that whenever the term low-code appears, we are mentioned and very often in the same breath as our major competitors. And that is exactly what matters.

“The fact that we are now so well-known in the industry is thanks to our modern low-code technology, but of course also to our community, our customers and our partners. Without their support this great success would not be possible. For this reason, we want to win more low-code enthusiastic customers and strategic partners who use our low-code platform to create individual solutions both quickly and easily,” says Erik Hufeld, Head of Marketing at Simplifier.

Simplifier also has an excellent partner programme to help potential partners get started in low-code development as easily as possible.

And last but not least, we would like to thank the outstanding Simplifier team that stands behind our low-code technology. They all laid the foundation for our success! MANY THANKS – to our great Team Simplifier!