Digital marketplaces give customers the opportunity to get information about companies and their products. In addition, the purpose of these cloud services is to bring customers and partners together

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The SAP App Center allows users to leverage both helpful and new SAP solutions developed by other SAP partners and the latest Simplifier solutions.

But what is the motivation for Simplifier to be represented on the marketplace?

Simplifier customers, as well, usually run systems by the same vendor, and therefore often use the corresponding development and runtime environments, which, like Simplifier, are collected in a large cloud. This enables them to access the complete toolchain available in the marketplace and use it on-the-fly. Whether these are developer tools, accounting software or tools for administrative support.

The marketplace offers a large selection of tools from different providers, either from SAP itself or from SAP partners which make new technologies available. All of this as compatible as possible with the existing SAP ecosystem. License-based software can be billed using one and the same account and the security standard is always the same, thanks to the fact that the marketplace provider checks the important criteria and ensures these requirements are met through standardized quality management. Similar to an App Store.

SAP = Simplifier As (a) Partner

As an official Silver Partner of SAP, Simplifier now has the opportunity to present its technology to a large community with the App Center and thus also to meet the requirements of many customers. Simplifier has always been developed with a special focus on SAP and the integration of applications into the existing SAP ecosystem. Users of the low-code platform therefore benefit in particular from the many years of SAP experience of the company and its employees and the corresponding SAP certifications.

On  “Simplifier: Low-Code IoT Platform for SAP Software”, interested parties have the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of Simplifier and learn about its features. The cloud-based software is available free of charge and without restriction for a trial period via a demo account.

The App Center offers further information about the provider and the product, as well as initial approaches to create an application. In addition to this, it is possible to contact the Simplifier Support directly.

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If you need to create applications in the SAP environment, whether UI5 or Fiori Apps or even applications for the SAP Cloud Platform, and you are looking for a way to do this efficiently, the SAP App Center is the place to get your first experience with the Simplifier low-code platform. The existing connectors to the SAP world enable a quick start for SAP integrated apps.