Simplifier considers its role as a driver of digitalization in difficult economic times. In this context, we are doing everything possible to offer people out there opportunities to catch up on things that may have been missed in the past. Hence another free offer for the use of Simplifier to create Fiori applications with ease also from the home office.

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It’s a very big issue right now. No matter where you listen, many companies are struggling with the fact that things that would be much easier to handle now with appropriate digitisation are sometimes completely lacking. This is because they often missed out on the need to create digital infrastructure and solutions so that employees can do their work independently of time and place. Perhaps a rethink in our society? Well, if not now then when? Germany seems to be finally waking up from its midsummer night’s dream. Simplifier intends to play a major role in supporting this.

A deficit as well in the SAP world

A personal note to members of the SAP community: SAP recognizes the importance of the integrity of the SAP community. In an effort to continue supporting the community while preparing for this time of uncertainty, we are creating a temporary space for partners who have free solutions that can help you move forward. Our intention is to give you direct access to their solutions, as they can provide practical help in dealing with COVID-19 disruptions.

The digitalization of business processes is more important than ever before in these difficult days caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

However, without having to code conventionally, what is the best way to create custom Fiori applications?

  • Start by building Fiori apps using a low-code approach that allows almost anyone to build enterprise applications with ease
  • Enhance your S4 migration, utilize the SAP cloud platform and build Freestyle UI5 apps significantly faster
  • Leverage your home office and build powerful UI5/Fiori apps that boost business value and return on investment
  • Team up with your colleagues in a completely web-based, collaborative environment
SAP FIORI Apps build with ease on Simplifier

“This is our contribution from Simplifier as SAP partner to drive the digital transformation of SAP processes as long as we have to remain in the homeoffice due to the Coronavirus” explains Christian Kleinschroth, CTO Simplifier

Don’t wait – Start now!

To support your digitization efforts in the SAP environment, we of course also offer our license-free, hosted version of our Low Code Platform Simplifier for this purpose. The version is available immediately without functional restrictions to create Fiori Apps in your home office with ease. All that you need is a desktop with a browser and Internet access and you are ready to go.

A number of online resources and online trainings are available to help you get started with Simplifier.

Evaluate Simplifier now.

Evaluate Simplifier now!

You have already discovered the advantages of our low-code platform and are interested to watch a multi-experience development platform and its possibilities live in action? Then start now and book a Simplifier web demo or schedule a meeting call with our experts!

Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your company have more than 500 employees?
  • Do you need at least three business applications?

Can answer all these questions with YES?
If so, let’s discuss the following topics in an appointment:

  • What are your challenges in the digitization process?

  • How can your business values (time-to-market, ROI, etc.) be significantly increased with Simplifier?

  • Which companies use Simplifier and what have they achieved with it?

  • Short introduction to Simplifier as well as an overview of the next steps