The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace is one of the largest digital marketplaces. Hence, Simplifier is excited to offer its product there

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace offers customers a broad portfolio, flexible pricing models and rapid deployment options to help them find, purchase and, most importantly, deploy the right software and other services from AWS partners. This, of course,  also includes the topic of application development.

AWS = Applications With Simplifier

More and more Simplifier customers operate in the AWS Marketplace and are looking for solutions to their problems. Therefore, the Wuerzburg-based low-code vendor naturally also wants to make its technology for the creation of business applications available in this environment, to give AWS users the opportunity to benefit from Simplifier solutions in their well-known cloud eco system.

Thus, the low-code platform Simplifier is now also available in the AWS Marketplace as a “Bring your own Licence” (BYOL) edition and can therefore be made available to a very large community. For customers, this offers the great advantage that they can find everything they need to develop and create their own application on a single marketplace. In addition, other services from selected third party providers can also be used and integrated.

Another advantage: Customers can easily explore the numerous features that Simplifier offers. The platform can be tested for free via demo access – without any functional restrictions. There is only one exception: the activity of the user himself. If there is no activity within a certain period of time, the account will be deactivated automatically.


You are an AWS power user and exclusively utilize cloud based software that is provided on AWS Marketplace? At the same time you are looking for tools and software that minimize the development effort of enterprise apps? Do you also want to use software that allows you to manage and control the entire application lifecycle? In this case Simplifier can be integrated into your existing AWS cloud and you are able to use our low-code platform directly within your AWS cloud. Get started immediately – build your enterprise applications more efficiently, flexibly and sustainably with Simplifier.