Simplifier for Business Leaders

How you and your employees benefit

Accomplish your business goals even faster

The use of Citizen Development enables your team to engage in the creation of required applications with their expertise to obtain results faster which meet the requirements by 100%.

Raise the satisfaction of your employees

Your employees benefit from strong innovation and increased efficiency. They can finally create user-friendly applications on their own that ease their daily work.

Ensure secureness in the digitisation process

The digitisation of your department is 100% compliant with the specified IT governance. You benefit from long-term stability in planning and from the protection of investments already made.

“We chose Simplifier because the platform has significant advantages over comparable competing products to sustainably implement the diverse digitization requirements in our factory. My team of business experts was able to create integrated apps in just a few days, even without any programming knowledge.”

Sebastian Grimm, Head of Operational Excellence

Simplifier eases the digitisation of your processes

Independence and flexibility in application creation

Your employees become citizen developers. This means they are empowered to implement required use cases themselves. As a result, your dependence on the IT department for application development is minimized.

With the help of low-code, initial functional applications can be created within a few hours. These applications work independently of devices and operating systems and can be flexibly expanded and adapted to processes on an ongoing basis.

Results comply 100% with the requirements 

With our low-code platform, for the first time your team has the opportunity to translate the required process know-how straight into applications. You and your team will finally get the individual solutions you have always wanted. If an application does not yet fully meet the requirements, it can be easily adapted – again, of course, by your own team.

No more makeshift solutions from different tools!

With Simplifier, you and your team get a unified platform that covers the full application lifecycle, from creation to maintenance. By eliminating the need for other tools, you can reduce both the complexity of your IT landscape and costs.

Simplifier increases acceptance in your team

Relief and efficiency increase

With Simplifier, your team has the opportunity to take the digitization of their own processes into their own hands in order to optimize workflows and existing weak points. The new flowing digital workflow, in turn, increases the fun at work.
A major advantage: the user is also the developer of the applications. As a result, and thanks to the simple adaptability of the applications, they can be continuously and iteratively improved.

High usability

The use of an overall platform ensures that all applications have a uniform user interface. As a result, it is easy for your team to use new applications intuitively. In addition, all Simplifier applications run on any operating system and automatically adapt to the respective end devices.
Thanks to the visual representation of processes and interface elements, application creation is also easy, fun and motivates your employees to create more applications.

Strong innovative capacity in our own team

With Simplifier, your team is able to implement new ideas independently as applications. These new possibilities also change the mindset of your employees: they are proactive in their search for new optimizations and can digitize on their own. In this way, you promote innovation and a maker mentality within your team.

Simplifier ensures reliable and safe digitisation

100% compliant with your IT governance

Do not use special solutions or isolated applications in the future and use a uniform platform. This enables you to develop applications with the help of your own Citizen Developers, which are controlled by the higher-level IT governance and are therefore also approved by the IT department. The clear allocation of roles avoids conflicts and clearly defines responsibilities. As a result, the IT department and the business unit are moved closer together and, at the same time, mutual dependencies are eliminated.

Resource planning capability

Only by empowering your employees to create their own applications is it possible for your company to carry out the digital transformation in all areas of the business. Citizen Developer gives you more resources or new professionals for the digitization process, which can be planned and deployed as needed.

Protection of investments already made 

Thanks to the flexible connection options, you can continue to use existing hardware and software without any problems. Standardized, configurable interfaces are available for this purpose, with which systems and databases can be integrated.

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More Information

Market potential of low-code platforms

Analysts report recognizes Simplifier

Forrester analysts also confirm that low-code is crucial for digital transformation. The Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021 report acknowledges the efficiency of low-code in application development and recognizes low-code providers – including Simplifier.

Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021
Forrester’s Overview Of 42 General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platform Providers
by John Bratincevic | March 19, 2021

Interested in learning more about the Simplifier Low Code Platform?

Technical information

Further descriptions and technical information about our platform can be found in the documentation.

Platform presentation

Learn about all the advantages of the platform in a personal web demo and get a first insight.

Test platform

Make your own experiences and test our low-code platform in a demo environment.

Why Simplifier?


The entire team, from the Backend Developer to the Customer Success Team and the Management Board, is there for you. Regular exchange is particularly important to us: digitally, by phone, and also directly on site with you. At every joint step, you always have a personal contact person.


Based on our 11 years of experience, we know when to successfully apply which approach. Whether you want to introduce Citizen Development, or need applications beyond the resources of your IT department, we have the right best-practice concept for you.


We work with you hand in hand and build on long-term partnerships. We understand your individual needs and challenges. We incorporate our customers‘ feedback strongly into our product roadmap. Our customers‘ success is our success.


Our future-proof low-code platform is the ideal choice for easy and affordable implementation of digital solutions. With Simplifier, you get the lowest TCO through the most reliable UI across all devices, the best integration, the highest reusability, and the lowest operational costs.