Simplifier for Citizen Developers

Implement use cases of your department independently

Use your know-how directly to create new applications

Using Simplifier, enables you to create exactly those applications that you need urgently or that you definitely want to have.

Create preferred applications

Streamline your daily work tasks

Reduce the complexity of your tasks and use exactly the data you need and in the way most useful to you.

Simplify processes

Break free from inhibiting dependencies

Finally, you can realise the digitisation intentions and your ideas into apps without limitations and worries.

Gain additional latitude

Thus simple is app creation with Simplifier

Create your favourite applications

Create apps with low code more easily

Thanks to the graphical visualisation of processes and the use of reusable elements, you can implement complex applications after just a few days of initial training. Using drag & drop, ready-made templates and app wizards, you can create functional applications that can be used immediately within a very short time.

Making better use of own process know-how

You and your colleagues have the necessary know-how that you should make use of. Now you definitely have a tool that allows you to build new applications with this expertise. Create the applications that you were expecting. Within a very short time, the application can be tested in the field and optimised by iterations.

Replace your outdated and rigid processes and benefit from flexible and dynamic processes in the future.

Use functional apps that are available quickly

Due to the fast creation, the first interim results are visible within a few minutes. These can be published and tested immediately to check whether all requirements have been implemented correctly. Keep in mind that an application needs to be continuously improved. Thus, you have the possibility to iteratively optimise the application in further steps. Problems that arise during use can be recorded at any time as new app requirements using user stories and promptly eliminated with the support of your IT department.

Your work simply becomes easier

Significantly reduce the use of different tools

With immediate effect, you won’t have to work with different tools and the related differences of usage concepts. Act in future only based on a single platform with a standardised usage concept. Training efforts for and complexity in handling different tools will be significantly reduced, as you and your colleagues will have to learn and handle a single tool only.

Create applications both securely and collaboratively

Stop worrying about whether your applications comply with IT’s security policies. Henceforth, IT won’t just assign you permissions, but will supply wizards that will enable you to become more independent and confident without crossing boundaries. In case of problems or limitations, you can reach out to your colleagues or IT staff and jointly work with them on the same application thanks to simultaneous, collaborative working features.

Use essential data anywhere and anytime

All created applications can be used independently from operating system or device. For you and your team, this means that all process-relevant company data can finally be used anywhere and at any time. This sustainably supports the company-wide mobile enterprise strategy and allows you to access all important information that helps you to efficiently manage your tasks – regardless of time and place, and even offline.

Work flexibly and drive your ideas ahead

Reduce IT dependencies

Until now, you were always reliant on your IT when you needed a new application or a customisation. Now there is nothing holding you back from implementing this requirement on your own or implementing minor modifications. This in turn relieves the burden on IT and increases their willingness to support you in the event of problems during implementation.

Increase motivation by giving more independence

Digitalisation, which you are driving forward, opens up completely new possibilities that you may not have thought about before. This results in new ideas that you can realise on your own and that will simplify your daily work and that of your team. This awakens the interest and motivation of other employees to get personally involved in the process and participate in the successful implementation.

Boosting team spirit

Using low-code, different Citizen Developers can work together in parallel on the same application and thus obtain results more quickly. New ideas can be collectively generated, as well as the requirement to optimise applications that are already in use. Your team is supported by the visual user interface, that enables it to easily adapt and improve apps created by other employees as well.

Create apps even easier now

Thanks to our new app wizards

App Wizard

Using this wizard, you can choose from 5 basic layouts and already define content and behaviour depending on the selected type.

App Wizard

Create a fully functional login for your application. The interface, processes and login functions are created automatically.

App Wizard

The TableWithDetails wizard creates a fully functional master-detail overview that is based on dynamic data.