Simplifier for Citizen Developer

Implement use cases within your department yourself

Translate your expertise straight into applications

Easily create the applications you urgently need or absolutely want with Simplifier.

Make your daily work easier

Reduce the complexity of tasks and use data precisely as you require it and however it makes the most sense to you.

Free yourself from tedious dependencies

It’s finally possible to realize your digitization plans and ideas in the form of apps without any restrictions or concerns.

The easy way to create an app with Simplifier

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Create your desired applications

Build apps with low code more easily

The visual depiction of processes and reusable elements enable you to implement complex applications after just minimal training. You can use drag & drop, ready-made templates and app wizards to create functional applications in next to no time and start using them immediately.

Utilize your own process expertise more effectively

As you and your colleagues already have the relevant expertise, it’s time to put it to good use. Simplifier is a tool that lets you incorporate your knowledge into new applications. Create the applications you have always wanted. In no time the application can be tested in real life and tweaked in iterations.

Replace your outdated and stiff workflows and benefit from flexible and dynamic processes going forward.

Deploy functional apps in a short period of time

The rapid creation means that initial results are visible within a few minutes. These can be published and tested immediately. A check can be made immediately to ensure that all requirements have been implemented correctly. Keep in mind, that an application needs to be continuously developed. As a result, you have the opportunity to optimize the application flexibly in further iterative steps. In addition, any problems that arise during the use can be included into user stories as new app requirements at any time and can be eliminated promptly with the support of your IT.

Your work simply becomes easier

Significantly reduce use of various tools

You will no longer work with multiple tools and the associated different operating concepts. Simplifier enables you to operate on the basis of a single platform with a uniform operating concept. Complexity and training efforts required for handling different tools are significantly reduced, as you and your colleagues only need to learn and operate one tool.

Safely and collaboratively build applications

Quit worrying about whether your applications comply with IT’s security policies. Instead of just assigning your permissions, IT now provides assistance to help you operate autonomously and confidently without overstepping boundaries. For issues or limitations, you can turn to your colleagues or IT staff and collaborate with them on the same application, using support for concurrent, collaborative work.

Use important data anywhere and anytime

Regardless of the operating system or end device, all applications created can be easily used. This means that you and your team can finally use all process-relevant company data anywhere and at any time. This sustainably supports the company-wide mobile enterprise strategy and gives you access to all important information that helps you to organize your work efficiently – regardless of time and place, even offline.

Work freely and drive ideas

IT-Abhängigkeiten reduzieren

Have you been dependent on your IT department whenever you needed a new application or a customization? By using Simplifier, you have the ability to implement these requirements yourself or carry out any minor adjustments. As a result, the workload for IT is reduced and they are more inclined to provide support in the event of difficulties during implementation.

Increase motivation through enhanced autonomy

As you drive digitization, completely new opportunities arise that you may not have thought about before. New ideas emerge that they can implement themselves and that simplify your daily work and that of their team. This arouses the interest and motivation of other employees to also become personally involved in the process and contribute to its successful implementation.

Strengthen team spirit

Low-code allows several Citizen Developers to work in parallel on one application and thus achieve results faster together. Together they develop new ideas and optimize applications that are already in use. The graphical interface makes it very easy for your team to customize and extend apps created by others.

Interested in learning more about the Simplifier Low Code Platform?

Technical information

Further descriptions and technical information about our platform can be found in the documentation.

Platform presentation

Learn about all the advantages of the platform in a personal web demo and get a first insight.

Test platform

Make your own experiences and test our low-code platform in a demo environment.

Why Simplifier?


The entire team, from the Backend Developer to the Customer Success Team and the Management Board, is there for you. Regular exchange is particularly important to us: digitally, by phone, and also directly on site with you. At every joint step, you always have a personal contact person.


Based on our 11 years of experience, we know when to successfully apply which approach. Whether you want to introduce Citizen Development, or need applications beyond the resources of your IT department, we have the right best-practice concept for you.


We work with you hand in hand and build on long-term partnerships. We understand your individual needs and challenges. We incorporate our customers‘ feedback strongly into our product roadmap. Our customers‘ success is our success.


Our future-proof low-code platform is the ideal choice for easy and affordable implementation of digital solutions. With Simplifier, you get the lowest TCO through the most reliable UI across all devices, the best integration, the highest reusability, and the lowest operational costs.

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