Simplifier for IT Leaders

This is how you and your team benefit

Gain full control & maximize speed

Make the change and turn your shadow IT into independent and IT-controlled Citizen Developers.

Assure control

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Enable your department to implement new app requirements independently thus relieving your IT.

Increase satisfaction

Leverage your SAP investment

Utilize your existing resources to optimize your approach to SAP-centric application creation.

Protect investments

CEO of Bischof + Klein talking about added values of Simplifier

Quality improvement
thanks to tested modularization
Scepticism eliminated
according to first experiences with the platform
Fast Deployment
Release new versions within minutes

Outstanding speed and full control

Full control

Simplifier supports your IT governance and is 100% compliant with your IT strategy. IT gains sovereignty across all applications and data streams and provides support with defined framework parameters for application creation. The roles and rights required for this can be assigned to the business departments accordingly.


You always retain ownership of the generated source code. All applications can be run on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and Business Technology Platform (BTP). Thanks to its use of modern web technologies, the applications that you create are future-proof.

Speed gain due to standardization

Thanks to low-code and a high configuration grade in the creation of UI, processes and integration of data, the entire process can be accelerated by up to 10 times. This is possible due to quality-tested, standardized and ready-to-use elements and functions like widgets, business objects, plugins, templates and app wizards.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

The democratization of app development

Your applications are implemented exactly wherever the process know-how is available – directly in your business units. This results in high-quality applications that attain the highest level of efficiency.

Simplifier enables your business departments to create SAP (Fiori) apps independently, thus reducing the workload of your IT experts.

Assured high quality and consistency

Stop worrying about the quality of your applications. Users benefit from an aggregate, consistent look and feel across all devices and use cases in your organization. The resulting source code is standardized and automatically generated.

Flexibility through multi-experience

Your users can run the created applications on their preferred devices wherever they need them. Simplifier applications are completely device- and operating system-independent, making this possible.

Protect the SAP investments made already

Enhancement of the SAP toolchain

With Simplifier you have the possibility to fully configure SAP Fiori applications. The use of the UI5 framework ensures a consistent and appealing user interface of all created applications. Moreover, they are fully responsive: your SAP business processes can thus be used on any mobile device.

Efficient application creation while migrating from R/3 to S/4HANA

Quite a few SAP R/3-based in-house developments (Freestyle Apps) are only partially compatible with S/4HANA, which presents many companies with a major challenge during migration. Simplifier supports the complete, fast and flexible migration of existing applications to S/4HANA and helps companies to develop and then port them as Fiori apps.

Out-of-the-box connectivity

Standardized and configurable interfaces enable the fast connection of SAP systems via SOAP, SAP RFC, OData and more than 40 business objects as well as non-SAP systems.

Market potential of low-code platforms

Analysts report recognizes Simplifier

Forrester analysts also confirm that low-code is crucial for digital transformation. The Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021 report acknowledges the efficiency of low-code in application development and recognizes low-code providers – including Simplifier.

Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021
Forrester’s Overview Of 42 General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platform Providers
by John Bratincevic | March 19, 2021

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