Simplifier for IT leaders

How you and your team benefits

Gain full control & maximum speed

Accomplish the transition by transforming your shadow IT into self-sufficient and IT-controlled Citizen Developers.

Raise the satisfaction of your employees and customers

Enable your departments to implement new application requirements themselves and thus lessen the workload on your experts.

Leverage your IT


Use your existing hardware and software to optimize your approach and keep your costs in check.

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Your Simplifier benefits

Maximum speed and control

Complete control

Simplifier supports your IT governance and is 100% compliant with your IT strategy. IT is given sovereignty over all applications and data streams and supports the creation of applications with defined framework parameters. The roles and rights required for this can be assigned to the business departments as necessary.


At all times, maintain ownership of the generated source code. All applications can be run on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Thanks to the use of modern web technologies, your created applications are future-proof.

Gain in speed through standardization

Low-code and the high degree of configuration in the creation of UI, processes and data connection can speed up the entire process by up to 10 times. This is made possible by quality-tested, standardized and ready-to-use elements and functions such as widgets, business objects, plugins, templates and app wizards.

Raise the satisfaction of your employees and customers

Democratization of app development

Applications are implemented where the process know-how is located – directly in your departments. The result is high-quality applications that achieve maximum efficiency.

Simplifier enables your departments to independently create SAP (Fiori) apps, which additionally relieves your specialists.

Guaranteed high quality and consistency

Do not worry about the quality of your applications anymore. Users benefit from an overarching, consistent look and feel across all devices and use cases in your organization. The underlying source code is standardized and automatically generated.

Liberties through multi-experience

Applications can be used by your users on their preferred devices wherever they are needed. This is made possible by the complete device and operating system independence of Simplifier applications.

Protect your existing investments

One platform – lots of possibilities

Simplifier combines four low-code expressions into one platform: Low-Code Application Platform, Multi-Experience Development Platform, Integration Platform-as-a-Service, and Digital Process Automation. Developers benefit from pre-built modules and visual tools to easily and efficiently create applications for different environments, fully integrate systems and applications, and automate business processes. Users benefit from a consistent user experience and interactive data consumption. Simplifier accelerates development, integration, and automation.

Continue to use existing data easily

Simplifier enables companies to seamlessly use data from existing systems without having to completely replace the system landscape. Thanks to prefabricated connectors, integration into any application is straightforward and versatile. Companies can thus easily connect their existing systems with new technologies and applications to optimize processes and increase their competitiveness.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Simplifier provides centralized app and user management on a single server, which is efficient and cost-effective. Design and runtime are integrated into a single platform, eliminating the need for an additional runtime environment. The deployment process and associated app store costs are completely eliminated. Recurring costs are also significantly lower, as Simplifier does not generate additional costs even with high transaction numbers. Thus, Simplifier offers an economical solution for companies of all sizes to develop and deploy their applications quickly and efficiently.

Market potential of low-code platforms

Analysts report recognizes Simplifier

Forrester analysts also confirm that low-code is crucial for digital transformation. The Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021 report acknowledges the efficiency of low-code in application development and recognizes low-code providers – including Simplifier.

Now Tech: General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2021
Forrester’s Overview Of 42 General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platform Providers
by John Bratincevic | March 19, 2021

Interested in learning more about the Simplifier Low Code Platform?

Technical information

Further descriptions and technical information about our platform can be found in the documentation.

Platform presentation

Learn about all the advantages of the platform in a personal web demo and get a first insight.

Test platform

Make your own experiences and test our low-code platform in a demo environment.

Why Simplifier?


The entire team, from the Backend Developer to the Customer Success Team and the Management Board, is there for you. Regular exchange is particularly important to us: digitally, by phone, and also directly on site with you. At every joint step, you always have a personal contact person.


Based on our 11 years of experience, we know when to successfully apply which approach. Whether you want to introduce Citizen Development, or need applications beyond the resources of your IT department, we have the right best-practice concept for you.


We work with you hand in hand and build on long-term partnerships. We understand your individual needs and challenges. We incorporate our customers‘ feedback strongly into our product roadmap. Our customers‘ success is our success.


Our future-proof low-code platform is the ideal choice for easy and affordable implementation of digital solutions. With Simplifier, you get the lowest TCO through the most reliable UI across all devices, the best integration, the highest reusability, and the lowest operational costs.