Simplifier for Pro Developers

You benefit more than expected

Develop more quickly and without conflicts

Simplifier does not limit your possibilities in application development, on the contrary. Create applications faster than ever before.

Speed up development

Take the burden off your shoulders

Many of the everyday hurdles, whether difficult-to-read foreign source code or tedious adaptations, are matters that belong to the past.

Relieve daily work

Cooperate more easily with other divisions

Eliminate conflicts and insufficient acceptance of your achievements. Work hand in hand with business units and obtain a win-win as well.

Improve teamwork

Simplifier Low-code supports your passion for coding

Limitless possibilities in app development

Do not confuse a low-code platform with a no-code platform. With Simplifier, you can create an application much faster than in the traditional way. And if you reach the limits of low-code, you can always implement individual extensions using plug-ins, micro-services, business objects or custom coding.

Create applications faster than ever before

Data sources can be integrated and tested within a few minutes by configuration as well. Simplifier also supports data handling and management via automated data type generation and database creation by using Entity Relationship Diagrams. User interfaces can be created using standardised elements via drag & drop. These furthermore automatically adapt to each device and are compatible with all operating systems. Process logics are comprehensible thanks to the graphical visualisation and can easily be modified.

Work more effectively with less conflicts

The collaborative development environment with autosave completely prevents merge conflicts and enables simultaneous work on one application. As the complete application lifecycle management is covered using a standardised single platform, conflicts with different systems and coding languages belong to the past.

Relief of your daily tasks

Departments assist you with the app creation process

Low-Code also allows business departments to create applications themselves up to certain limits. But don’t worry, you establish the limits.  IT retains sovereignty and assigns users roles and authorisations across the platform and is furthermore responsible for data flows and the deployment of the applications.

“I wonder what the colleague had in mind?”

Never again doubt the structure and logic of a source code. With Simplifier, the automatically generated code is standardised and thus made comprehensible for everyone. Application processes become significantly more transparent with the help of the graphical mapping.

Complete ALM integrated in one platform

Simplifier covers the entire application lifecycle from the first design concept to deployment and maintenance. Thanks to fast deployment, new versions can be released within a few minutes.

Fully Application Lifecycle Management with Simplifier

Video content:

00:16: Create a new application

03:13: Integrate a new SAP connector

04:17: Design your first user story based process

06:30: Test your application

07:42: App Deployment and transport (DQP readyness)

Cooperation with other departments is facilitated

Speak same language

With Simplifier, you and the business departments are working on the same platform, which enormously improves understanding and thus communication across divisions. Departments can send complex user story based requirements directly to the IT within the application. With the help of the collaboration mode, you can work on an application together with the department at the same level.

Create appealing user interfaces

Simplifier uses the UI5 framework to create applications. This also benefits the user interfaces, as it creates a consistent, appealing and responsive UI that increases user acceptance. Future modifications of the design are easy to implement as well.

Finally – shadow IT adé

Shadow IT will no longer exist with Simplifier, as the departments are involved in the creation of applications and are restricted and controlled by IT. The time-consuming maintenance of self-created shadow IT apps and the associated conflicts with the departments are thus permanently eliminated.

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