Simplifier for Pro Developer

Benefit from low-code more than you think

Develop more quickly and conflict-free

Simplifier doesn’t limit your application development capabilities, on the contrary! Start building applications faster than ever before.

Make your daily work


Simplifier eliminates many everyday stumbling blocks. Whether it’s hard-to-read source code or tedious customizations, these are all history from now on.

Enhanced collaboration with other divisions

Eliminate conflicts and insufficient understanding of your performance. Work hand in hand with your departments and create a win-win situation.

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Simplifier Low-Code reinforces your passion to develop

Unlimited possibilities in app development

Do not mistake a low-code platform for a no-code platform. Low-code’s advantage: You can always make custom extensions using plugins, micro-services, business objects or coding should the technology reach its limits.

Build applications faster than ever before

Connect and test data sources by configuration in just minutes. Simplifier also makes data handling/management easy with automated data type generation and database creation via entity-relationship diagrams.
Use drag & drop to create user interfaces using standardized elements. These automatically adapt to the respective end device and work on all operating systems. Process logics are easier to understand and modify thanks to the graphical representation.

Work conflict-free and more effectively

Using Autosave, the collaborative development environment completely eliminates merge conflicts and enables simultaneous work on an application. The complete application lifecycle management (ALM) is covered seamlessly in a unified platform, making conflicts with different systems and programming languages a thing of the past.

Make your daily work easier

Support from your specialist departments

Low-code also allows business departments to create applications themselves. Yet you retain control, so don’t worry. IT assigns user roles and permissions across the platform and is also responsible for the data flows and deployment of the applications.

“I wonder what my colleague had in mind?”

Eliminate the need to question the structure and logic of source code. Simplifier standardizes the automatically generated code, making it comprehensible to everyone. Graphical mapping additionally creates more transparency in application processes.

Seamless application lifecycle management in one platform

Simplifier spans across the entire application lifecycle, from initial proof of concept to release and maintenance. Rapid deployment allows new versions to go live within a few minutes.

Improved collaboration with other units

Don’t get lost in translation

Simplifier allows you and your departments to work on the same platform, which greatly facilitates understanding and thus communication across departments. The business departments can create more complex requirements for IT directly as user stories within the application. With the help of the collaboration mode, you can work on an application on an equal footing with the business department.

Create appealing user interfaces

Simplifier uses the UI5 framework to create applications. This creates a consistent, responsive and appealing UI that increases user adoption. Later adaptations to the design are also easy to implement.

Farewell to shadow IT

Simplifier puts an end to unregulated shadow IT once and for all. Business departments are actively involved in the creation of applications and supervised by IT. Time-consuming maintenance of self-created shadow IT apps and the associated conflicts with the business departments are thus permanently eliminated.

Interested in learning more about the Simplifier Low Code Platform?

Technical information

Further descriptions and technical information about our platform can be found in the documentation.

Platform presentation

Learn about all the advantages of the platform in a personal web demo and get a first insight.

Test platform

Make your own experiences and test our low-code platform in a demo environment.

Why Simplifier?


The entire team, from the Backend Developer to the Customer Success Team and the Management Board, is there for you. Regular exchange is particularly important to us: digitally, by phone, and also directly on site with you. At every joint step, you always have a personal contact person.


Based on our 11 years of experience, we know when to successfully apply which approach. Whether you want to introduce Citizen Development, or need applications beyond the resources of your IT department, we have the right best-practice concept for you.


We work with you hand in hand and build on long-term partnerships. We understand your individual needs and challenges. We incorporate our customers‘ feedback strongly into our product roadmap. Our customers‘ success is our success.


Our future-proof low-code platform is the ideal choice for easy and affordable implementation of digital solutions. With Simplifier, you get the lowest TCO through the most reliable UI across all devices, the best integration, the highest reusability, and the lowest operational costs.