Frequently Asked Questions

How do I copy a created application to another Simplifier instance?2019-01-10T10:29:07+01:00

The transport function is provided for this purpose. You can use this function to transport apps between instances, including all configuration artifacts (connectors, widgets, and so on). For more information on the topic of “Transport”, click here.

How many systems can I connect to the Simplifier?2019-01-10T10:34:02+01:00

We have successfully created applications with more than 30 simultaneous connections to other systems, but we are looking to use even more and the system architecture is ready for that.

How can I connect my existing systems?2019-01-10T10:34:16+01:00

We provide you with a variety of different connector types from the get-go and we are working on not only providing you with even more of them, but also offer ready-made integrations for an even easier setup.

Does the Simplifier work on every device?2019-01-10T10:32:07+01:00

We currently support Android, iOS, Windows 10 and new browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Can I use the Simplifier on-premise?2019-01-10T10:36:02+01:00

Yes. You can choose between your own cloud account, which we host, and an on-premise installation.

Can Simplifier Apps be used offline?2019-01-10T10:30:27+01:00

Yes. Data can be securely cached on the device that you currently use. Any new and relevant data will be stored on mobile devices until you get back online.

How secure is the Simplifier?2019-01-10T10:36:48+01:00

The Simplifier uses state-of-the-art security mechanisms to ensure security on all layers.


  • TLS 1.2 Security
  • VPN Tunnels
  • Username / Password
  • One-Time-Login via SMS or Google Authenticator
  • Certificate with PKI
  • Automated Testing for Application Server
  • Secured Framework against Session hijacking
  • Certified Application Server
  • CoreOS Updater, always up-to-date CoreOS against heartbleed & co.
  • Docker OS
  • IP-blocking against DOS attacks
  • SPAM Detection
What is the Simplifier?2019-01-10T10:32:38+01:00

The Simplifier is a web-based platform to configure and run integrated business applications. That means you can not only connect all your existing systems and databases, but also use the applications you build on almost any device and operating system.

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