Simplifier benefits for…

You and your colleagues are faster and more efficient.

Build apps faster

  • Create integrated apps with just a few clicks using existing standard interfaces.
  • Many things can easily be built and modified by simple configuration. Individual modifications and code based add-ons can be done whenever you need.
  • Publish a created application to all devices and operating systems.
  • Once created and published applications and functions can be reused as required.


Use automated tests

  • For checking interfaces and business objects, automated tests with OPA5 technology are available. In addition to this, applications can be automatically tested on different browsers and operating systems via a cloud interface. This standardized debugging saves time and helps you to spend your time for optimization.



  • Simultaneously, many developers can work on one app at the same time, both at the UI and at the processes. Thanks to the autosave feature, no changes are lost and every developer works with the current app status.


Be flexible

  • Simplifier uses preconfigured elements and generates open source code (not vendor-locked) in consistently high quality. The generated code can be reused for further projects without any restrictions.
  • This allows new colleagues to be trained more rapidly and they can easily take over in the case of absence or leaving.
  • Due to the high degree of configuration, other developers can also work on projects, thus saving additional time.
  • From prototyping and the deployment of the app up to maintenance and optimization all this can be handled with the Simplifier.
  • Thanks to a high percentage of configuration, other employees (semi-developers) are able to work on projects, which saves time as well. Use this time to realize more projects or deliver outsourced services internally.

Keep an eye on everything

  • Full integration of already existing systems (Topfloor & Shopfloor) for the use of all required information and data in all applications that are to be created
  • High flexibility regarding the use of diverse mobile devices, operating systems and additionally the use of the newest technologies like AR and wearables
  • Optimized resources utilization
  • Sustainable cost savings
  • Flexible response to new business requirements for existing applications
  • Connect previously seperate data sources and combine them with each other. New conclusions and optimization potential can be derived from the newly acquired data.

Sustainable solution pay off in the long term

  • The hosting and the use of the software is possible both on the cloud as well as onPremise
  • The Simplifier is TÜV certified which supports the Enterprise ready security concept
  • The Simplifier combines everything on one platform: one integrated user administration with rights/role management; one security concept; only one applications server; only one tool that has to be managed globally, representation of the complete application lifecycle on one platform; a revolutionary app-in-app concept which means, only one mobile app-client to manage all apps
  • The Simplifier produces automated source code of consistent quality. This allows new employees to be trained more quickly and colleagues can easily take over in the event of absence or resignation