Product & Pricing

There are several ways to use Simplifier.

Your Freemium instance has expired!

Because you have not used your Simplifier Freemium instance for a long time, it has been switched off. We hope you were able to take the time to get involved with our solution and successfully implement your first ideas.

To enjoy the full benefits of Simplifier you can purchase a license.

Simplifier Freemium

$01 month
  • Development instance (D)
  • Cloud-hosting
  • Runtime: unlimited
  • 3 users + unlimited apps (D)
  • Forum, documentation & online courses

Extend Simplifier Freemium

$39,95 monthly
  • Development instanz (D)
  • Cloud-hosting
  • Runtime: 12 months
  • 3 users + unlimited apps (D)
  • Forum, documentation & online courses
  • Updates & daily backups

Simplifier License

  • 3-step server landscape (D/Q/P) check3
  • Cloud-/ onPremise-hosting
  • Runtime: 36 months
  • Unlimited users + unlimited apps (D/Q)
  • Forum, documentation & online courses
  • Updates & daily backups
  • Preferred domain (Cloud)
  • Premium support / personal contact

Coming soon: Simplifier 6.0 Playground

Simplifier 5.5 Playground

Test our Simplifier in the Playground*.

Username: demo
Password: demo

Open Simplifier Playground
* Instance is restarted every night. All created data will be irrevocably deleted.

Test Simplifier 5.5 (Freemium)

We make our low-code platform available to you free of charge in our cloud. In addition, you get full access to our developer community including online courses, forum and documentation.


Current technical problems with the deployment. We are working hard to make our freemium available to you again soon. We apologize.

You can expect:

  • Browser-based app development environment on low-code basis

  • Created apps are independent of operating system and end device

  • Rapid deployment, no compilation required, over-the-air updates

  • Javascript based UI5 framework (Open UI5 incl. – SAP UI5 can be integrated)

  • Standardized and easily expandable interfaces

  • Configurable UI5 and Simplifier Widgets based on JSON

  • Visual creation of application logic (based on user stories)

  • Automatically generated open Javascript source code (no vendor lock-in)

  • Automated testing of interfaces and business objects with OPA5

  • Collaboration mode: work on an app at the same time

Extend Freemium

Your 30 day test phase is soon over or has already expired? Then use the option to extend your Freemium instance.
Prerequisite: Your instance has expired less than 2 weeks ago.

Extend now and receive the following bonuses:

  • Updates: automatically receive each new release on release date

  • Backups: daily backup of your instance

Would you like to continue working on your created applications immediately?

No problem. Simply fill out the form on the right and we will immediately activate your instance again. We will then get in touch with you to settle all contractual matters.

So – what are you waiting for?

Please note: To use your applications productively you need a Simplifier license.

Request Simplifier License

Our pricing model depends on the number of applications and users required. The following license calculator will calculate the right license package for you.

    Amount of required applications:

    How many applications/use cases would you like to use productively within the next 12 months?

    Amount of internal users per application:

    How many employees will probable use one of your applications? 1 internal user = 25 external users

    You can look forward to that:

    • 3 instances: Development, Quality Assurance, Productive

    • Unlimited user & apps on your D + Q instances

    • Hosting: OnPremise or in any cloud, as desired

    • Preferred domain at cloud-hosting:

    • TÜV-certified software quality: Simplifier meets TÜV safety standards such as OWASP

    • Server location Germany: Your cloud data is secure and DSGVO compliant.