Simply achieve more 

Our platform helps you achieve your goals faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. By choosing Simplifier, you create the best conditions to enormously shorten the implementation time of your digitization strategy and thereby implement your mission critical apps in just a few months.

More efficiency
in the department

Added value


100% achieved

Full transparency in the verification of delivery documents

55% less

Reduction of the error rate in data entry in the maintenance process

30% more

Increased productivity through digitized processes

More speed
in the IT

Added value


9x faster

1 instead of 9 months to implement an app for customs documentation

Only 6 months

Shortened time-to-market for replacement of 12 mission-critical apps

50% less

Reduce development time through collaborative app creation

More savings
in the company

Added value


120T€ less

Reduction of service costs with the help of the customer service app

50T€ less

Annual savings due to effort reduction in recording all test results

27 days saved

Annual effort reduction by generating autom. orders in the ERP system

Simply unique

We are not one of many and our platform is unique. It combines easy integration, effortless mobility, unlimited reusability and an efficient operational concept – to make your digitization projects simple.


Simple and complete integration into all systems

Shopfloor connectivity available

Benefit from existing SAP namespace & SAP SSO


Easy deployment via mobile client and app-in-app concept

Instant available, no release, support of all native mobile functions

Deployment without compilation, immediate availability of apps


Use of many ready2use contents (apps, connectors etc.)

Simplifier Marketplace with ready-to-use content

Reuse all pre-built content without limits


Only one server needed to use all available apps

Central log and monitoring

Rights/roles concept enables user-based rollout

Easy to implement and move everywhere 

Our platform offers you every freedom. Whether you have applications implemented by your IT department, in collaboration with the business departments or by a service provider – the choice is yours and you don’t have to compromise on control, overview and security.

Simply achieve the return on investment

The use of our low-code platform pays off – even very quickly. On average, our customers achieve ROI after less than 186 days and thus benefit directly from the deployed solution.

Learn how our customers have achieved this:

Simply excellent digitalization

Digitalization is our expertise, which is why we provide you with optimal support in addition to our low-code platform. Thanks to our central location, our own experts and certified partners, we are also able to accompany you on site and train your employees.

Made in Germany

  • German Software Vendor

  • Personal support in German and English

  • Central location in DACH region

  • Data storage and operation in Germany on request

Experienced experts

  • Low-code and digitalization experts

  • Industry-specific customer and project experience

  • Cross-industry partnerships

  • Certified SAP Partner

Excellent support

  • International Customer Success Team

  • Onboarding and training offerings

  • Individual requirements analysis

  • Customer-centric enabling offerings

Cooperation at eye level

  • Constant exchange with our customers

  • Consideration of feedback in product development

  • Room for exchange with our customers at regular customer events

  • Agile and flexible implementation of individual customer requirements

Simply implemented

Whether in manufacturing, logistics, purchasing or customer service, your requirements can be easily implemented thanks to innovative technology.

Our customers show us how:

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