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Wuerzburg, July 30, 2019

Low-Code Platform Simplifier with new module feature, optimized  staging of applications and new integration and mobile features


After Release 4.0 saw the light of day at the beginning of February this year, Version 4.5 is now available – and it has a lot to offer.

Simplifier AG (Würzburg) has extended its low-code platform with numerous new features and optimizations. Particular emphasis is placed on modularization and simplified staging of applications as well as new integration and mobile features.

Feature Overview of Simplifier Release 4.5

Modularization of applications

To break down complex applications into maintainable and reusable modules, Simplifier Release 4.5 offers the new module feature.

Modules can now be created once and then be reused in any application. Examples are master detail views, login masks, checklists, dashboards and much more.

Advantages of modules at a glance:

  • The maintainability is optimized, since modules are of course smaller than actual applications and thus easier to “master”. Of course this also means: less maintenance means less costs!
  • It is possible to develop in parallel in several teams. Each of these teams can work independently on modules. These are then reassembled in an application.
  • Runtime behavior is improved because modules are only charged when they are actually in use.
  • Modules enable the bidirectional exchange of data between applications and other modules.

Optimized staging of applications

In order to further simplify the staging of applications, various data sources can now be configured for a system landscape that usually consists of three levels (development, test, and production systems). If, for example, an application is transported from the test environment to the production system, Simplifier automatically selects the respective data source.

This means that in the future, developers will no longer have to worry about whether data is read or written from the correct data source, which saves a lot of time when staging applications!

New integration and mobile features

oData v2 Connector: Since many companies that rely on SAP have already migrated from their old ERP versions to S/4HANA or are planning to do so (the corresponding support will eventually expire by 2025), new interface protocols have to be set up on the customer systems. This of course includes oData.

With Simplifier Version 4.5, oData backend services can be automatically configured and integrated using an assistant. The big advantage is that you can easily access existing oData services from S/4HANA o.a. without having to code.

Extended SQL Connector: The existing SQL connector has been extended by a new editor and can now execute several database queries simultaneously and transaction-safe.

AirWatch Integration: Companies using the MDM AirWatch now benefit from the full support of the Simplifier Mobile Client. The AirWatch certification allows AirWatch customers to easily roll out the Simplifier Mobile Client via their AirWatch App Store.

The complete release notes can be found here!

About Simplifier AG

As the Würzburg-based software manufacturer of the low-code platform Simplifier, Simplifier AG enables the sustainable digitalization of business processes. Its core competence lies in the configurative creation (low-code) of integrated enterprise applications based on modern and innovative (web) technologies. This enables integrated business and IoT applications to be created sustainably in order to implement digitization strategies more efficiently. Not only can existing system landscapes, machines and systems be integrated, but applications can also be created independent of devices and operating systems without the need for extensive programming. Simplifier is therefore suitable both for digitizing internal business processes and for developing new digital business models. The headquarters in the university city of Würzburg enables Simplifier AG to optimally support customers and partners from the DACH region and secures the growth of ambitious junior staff.

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