Wuerzburg, September 02, 2021 – Simplifier, the German software manufacturer, releases version 6.5, as the latest version of its eponymous low-code platform. Now, application creation in both SAP and non-SAP environments is easier than ever – even without programming skills. Through a multitude of revised and new functions, the platform improves the user experience. This enables even more intuitive operation and ensures a maximum degree of time-saving and efficiency for the creation of applications designed to digitize business processes.

Using the Simplifier low-code platform, citizen developers and experienced programmers alike are able to efficiently and sustainably drive forward the digitization of internal corporate process structures. Non-programmers are also empowered to create applications directly in their own departments and thus incorporate their expertise into the app creation process. In this way, they both support and relieve the burden on the company’s own IT, especially in an SAP-centric environment, generating immense added value for their company. Furthermore, the platform builds a bridge between enterprise IT and the business departments themselves, enabling accessible yet multi-layered application creation.

The latest version of Simplifier makes this easier than ever. The update extends the platform’s continuous development: It offers improved assistance and templates for implementing your own applications and optimizes the user experience by merging user interface and application logic along with a greatly simplified data handling. The new dashboard makes relevant and high-quality content from the rapidly growing community available to everyone. And with the enhanced Mobile Client, which features a unique app-in-app concept, Simplifier 6.5 sets new standards for deploying applications on mobile devices.

“We are making life easier for all users with Simplifier 6.5, regardless of their programming experience level. App creation is even easier and more intuitive now, making it ideal for beginners. Professionals, on the other hand, still have the ability to program more complex applications as well as extend and expand their apps according to their liking and without any restrictions.”

Reza Etemadian,
CEO Simplifier | Simplifier

Building apps is no magic trick

For both Citizen Developers and users with in-depth programming knowledge, the integrated App Wizards offer the fastest way to develop applications. Intelligent templates allow to create a fully functional application within a remarkably short time. Even without prior knowledge and coding expertise, application construction becomes a piece of cake with the App Wizards. In the current version, four simple wizards are available in the application editor. For instance, the Login Wizard allows users to create a fully functional login functionality for the application, while the Layout Wizard can be used to configure commonly used layouts.

“By using the App Wizards and their accessible features, even as a non-developer, I am able to easily build my own applications without writing a single line of code. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for companies and their employees to implement their digitization strategy quickly and with minimal impact on resources.”

Florian Rühl,
Chief Sales Officer | Simplifier

Simplified linking between data and connectors

In addition, the wizards revised for Simplifier 6.5 offer another major advantage: The digital assistants can already utilize the interconnections to the system landscapes used by the companies to their full extent. This allows the new application editor to unite its user interface creation area with the application logic. All data and app elements can be directly linked to the application logic via drag & drop and vice versa. Moreover, standardization takes place through the platform as a result of the connectors being always the same. Consolidating these formerly separate areas results in optimized click paths, significantly more intuitive operation, much easier handling of dynamic data, and consequently massive time savings.

Learn and benefit from the community

Simplicity and accessibility are key to the new dashboard as well. In addition to a new Quickstart menu and a system overview, the dashboard provides relevant content from the Simplifier Community and the associated Marketplace. Community content such as forum posts or courses are conveniently listed and can be easily accessed. The growing user community supports each other, is interconnected and in constant exchange. Together, users maximize the benefits of the Simplifier low-code platform.

Continued focus on mobilization of work processes

In addition to usability and accessibility, Simplifier 6.5 brings another aspect of app creation into even sharper focus: mobile app creation. By today, the Simplifier Mobile Client is already the leading solution for using Fiori apps on smart devices. In order to expand this position, new Mobile Actions have been added with Simplifier 6.5 to extend the functionality of the client. The new version, for example, makes it possible to read and write NFC tags. A speech recognition function (Speech-to-Text) has also been added to the client’s repertoire.

More information about Simplifier 6.5 and the benefits of Simplifier’s low-code platform is available at the following link

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