Simplifier wins the software company and process mining expert Lana Labs from Berlin as a new technological partner. 

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Simplifier welcomes Lana Labs as another new technology partner in its partner program. The software company from Berlin, which is a team of international process and IT experts, focuses on the automated analysis of process data from existing IT systems in companies and on the identification of potentials for improving entire processes (process mining).

With the innovative LANA Process Mining solution, customers of Lana Labs can analyze their business and production processes holistically and end-to-end, thereby automatically identifying process deficiencies, risks and inefficiencies. As a result, they have a good knowledge base for implementing optimization activities.

“The partnership with Simplifier significantly enriches the capabilities of our LANA process mining platform: analytical findings can be converted directly into solutions, for example into tailored shop-floor procedural instructions. For our customers, especially in production with its complex processes, this means a significant simplification in the training process for employees. In the future, they will benefit from an increasing standardization of their work steps.”

Dr. Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh, Founder & CBDO Lana Labs

New synergies for the customer as a result of the collaboration

“The cooperation with Simplifier aims to close the gap between analysis and optimization in the production environment,” says Lana Labs co-founder and CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) Dr. Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh. Similar to the use of RPA in finance, the Simplifier App that has been built for this purpose allows the analysis results from LANA to be translated into concrete optimization actions. This enables improved management of employees through less training, higher standardization of processes and less scrap on the shop floor.

“We identified a customer who was looking for exactly this approach and we already knew LANA as a process mining specialist, whereupon we began talking to the Lana Labs team. We identified clear synergies for our customer – starting with analysis and ending with optimization – and we realized quite quickly that we had to work together on this. We definitely expect a lot of benefits from the cooperation, also for many other joint customers, because every company has a challenge like this,” explains Florian Rühl, member of the board at Simplifier.

“Our customers with an existing digitization roadmap often struggle with deciding which applications need to be implemented first. By partnering with LANA, our customers now have the transparency to be able to accelerate process weakness identification, and better prioritize based on the insights. Consequently, they can create a customized solution with Simplifier to add maximum value.” 

Florian Rühl,
Chief Sales Officer Simplifier

Concrete demand: A large number of use cases in companies

Companies are often faced with the challenge that a large number of processes still run inefficiently, but they are hardly aware of it or cannot clearly identify it. An example of this is the visual inspection in the production process, starting with the identification of the user and ending with the documentation within the existing backend system. Many processes still occur in a manual process; the user has to obtain data from different systems, then combine them painstakingly with each other, evaluate them, and record them. In the end, the process is delayed and the documentation is often incorrect and/or insufficient.

Problem scenarios like these are not uncommon and can result in significant losses in a company’s productivity. However, with the appropriate automated analysis in combination with the specification of concrete optimization actions, this can be avoided. This is where the combined strength of a process mining solution to identify process errors, emerging risks and potential inefficiencies, and a platform like Simplifier, which ensures that necessary applications are available as quickly as possible for fast process optimization, becomes a valuable asset.

With the solution implemented, we were able to enable the mutual customer to close specific process gaps in a short period of time. Thus, the first milestones of digitization were reached after a short time and further topics could be identified to address and implement them also as soon as possible. In addition, we created the possibility to involve citizen developers in the application creation process to implement the needs of IT and the business department at the same time.

Additional scope for collaboration

Simplifier and Lana Labs foresee further potential in the collaboration. The combination of two such pioneering technologies is especially beneficial for customers who struggle to make a decision about the necessity of implementing digital solutions to improve their processes.

About Lana Labs

Lana Labs is a team of international process and IT experts. As specialists for AI-supported analysis of business and production processes, our goal is: to make companies smarter, more efficient and faster through automated process analysis. We achieve this with our process mining software LANA, whose complex machine learning algorithm is unique on the market.

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