At last: on 05.10.2016 iTiZZiMO was awarded for having developed the Simplifier during the ÖVIA congress with the Innovation Award of the Austrian technical scientific association for maintenance and plant management. Within the annual congress two prizes are awarded: the Maintenance Award Austria and the Innovation Award. The aim of the award ceremony that is organized since 2011 is to honour companies that make a particular effort in the field of maintenance. Another goal is to underline the importance of maintenance within public sphere.

Several candidates applied for the innovation award but the jury decided to the benefit of our Simplifier and chose it as the most innovative product regarding maintenance and plant management. But in fact, the Simplifier isn’t just a tool for creating maintenance applications, also in other business units it demonstrates its strength. For the jury it was a crucial factor that companies using the Simplifier are able to create their own mobile applications for maintenance and service and gain a competitive advantage as they are able to offer optimized service. With the Simplifier we established the suitable tool that now officially was awarded by ÖVIA. Possible application scenarios are Smart MaintenanceRemote Service or Predictive Maintenance.

iTiZZiMO’s CSO Florian Rühl together with Hubert Biedermann (left) and Ingo Hegny from Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Different pre-configured functions ensure that new users can start straight away. Standardized connectors to established systems guarantee seamless communication between configured application and data sources like machines or backend-systems. Creating applications for mobile and wearable devices  with this flexibility is totally new. In principle each data source, each device can be integrated into applications. Some interfaces already exist and can be used directly, some need to be configured first. Features like step-by-step guidances or remote service already are available for tablets, smartphones and smart glasses.

Using the Simplifier companies can benefit from individual applications without having to accept the usual extra charge or implementation time. With their internal process know-how they can create applications that digitally map the own processes, no matter if they need applications for in-house maintenance or for their customers. Thus, machinery and plant manufacturers get the chance to establish additional business and position themselves as full-service-providers.

We feel honoured and are looking forward to having further contact with ÖVIA and its members.