Würzburg-based low-code vendor wins for the second time in a row

Wuerzburg, October 31, 2019 Simplifier AG is pleased to announce that the company has received a special award again this year: Simplifier received platinum in the low-code category at the IT Awards 2019, which were hosted by Vogel Medien GmbH for the fifth time.

“This award is something very special for us, as it demonstrates Simplifier’s reputation and market position in the German-speaking region with regard to the choice of a low-code platform. It especially shows that companies are becoming more and more involved with the topic of low-code,” explains Head of Marketing at Simplifier, Erik Hufeld.

For companies that want to drive their digitization, implementation speed, efficiency and sustainability are the three key attributes that are specifically supported by low-code.

In addition, low code acts as a bridge between IT and the business departments. Applications do not primarily have to be built by the IT or development department. Business department specialists with a basic IT or development knowledge – so-called “Citizen Developers” – can use low code to create simple applications independently or to customize existing ones to meet changing requirements. On the other hand, the IT and Pro Devs continue to take care of development-critical issues such as app and user administration, integration of existing systems or the deployment processes across the different instances (development, test and production environment). This is exactly what makes low-code platforms so valuable.

Simplifier AG is committed to revolutionizing the way people interact with software and has made it its mission to simplify the creation and use of software so that companies can focus on what is essential – their business. According to a Gartner market research report, more than 65 percent of all applications worldwide will be realized through low-code platforms by 2024, and Simplifier intends to continue playing an important role in this development.

Simplifier’s core product, honored at the IT Awards, is the low-code platform with the same name, that allows to create integrated business and IoT applications with ease. “Simplifier offers companies a tool with a holistic approach” says Hufeld. “Simplifier covers the complete application lifecycle from creation and integration, administration and deployment, automated testing, up to maintenance and optimization with only one platform”.

One thing is outstanding – “Simplifier is a completely web-based solution. It does not require any installed software for the creation of applications. Users who have a computer with Internet access and a modern browser are able to build an application on Simplifier. This unique selling proposition convinces many users and therefore helps them to decide for the most flexible low-code platform”, Hufeld continues.

However, this outstanding low-code technology can only be offered to customers due to the excellent team behind the product. “Thus I would like to thank my Simplifier colleagues for their great work. This would not be possible without them.” Hufeld concludes.

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