Quality Assurance App for SAP QM

The app for quality inspections in SAP QM displays measured values graphically and in tabular form. Minimum, maximum and actual values can be defined and saved as inspection lots in SAP.


App for approval management

The Approval App allows a streamlined approval process that can be done flawlessly and completely digitally, anywhere, anytime. No media disruption, real-time approval, immediate data transfer and data synchronization to all connected systems to ensure that the current status is available for all stakeholders.


Digital step-by-step-guidance

Transfer of knowledge and traceability are a challenge for every enterprise. Help can come from a digital guidance app, which leads through necessary processes step-by-step.


App for maintenance notifications in SAP

Using the app for maintenance notifications allows recording damages and defects directly as they occur and entering them into your SAP system. Mobile, paperless, efficient.


Digital Form

Good bye, paper processes - capture important data completely digitally: Create your digital form in a short time, whether for internal company processes or as digital customer service. The simple and fast creation of a digital form is no problem with Simplifier. Save yourself and your customers time and nerves in future when entering data.


Smart Maintenance Dashboard

The Smart Maintenance Dashboard is used for real-time monitoring of machine data. A color-coded indicator shows immediately whether a production line is outside the predefined threshold values. This enables a quick reaction.


Manufacturing information system

The manufacturing information system app offers workers all context relevant information for the production.

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