Use Case of Smart Remote Service

One highlight of the event was the keynote about remote service by Roland Lunck, Head of Channel at iTiZZiMO and Christian Schreiner, Managing Director of SWS Computersysteme AG. On the lawn of the stadium, they presented a concrete use case for remote maintenance. With the Moverio BT-300 from Epson, Christian Schreiner made a remote service call in front of the audience. Live on screen, the participants were able to watch the connection to a technician, in this example Roland Lunck, via the smartglass. Christian Schreiner told the technician that he has a problem on his switch and did not know, which cable he has to pull out and which not. During the use case, Roland Lunck was able to see everything that Christian Schreiner saw through the smartglass. This functionality allowed the technician to analyze the situation and guides through the maintenance or repair process.

However the example was just one way of using the Simplifier in the area of smart remote service. iTiZZiMO makes maintenance easier from first to last. Other examples are predictive maintenance to avoid machine failures or step-by-step instructions for maintenance and production. With the Simplifier, all these apps are economically configured instead of costly programmed.

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