The 6 Stages of Software Development – Part 5

In our last article of the series "The 6 Stages of Software Development", we were talking about the testing phase after the app was developed. Now, after QA testing and the app is running, it is time for the 5th stage of software development in which the app is released and provided to the end users.


The 6 Stages of Software Development – Part 4

In our last blogpost ("#3 App Implementation - Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard"), we talked about how the Simplifier supports during the third stage of software development, the implementation. After the development of the app is completed, the 4th phase starts.


The 6 Stages of Software Development – Part 3

We already talked about the two stages to begin with software development (have a look at “The 6 Stages of Software Development” and “#2 App Design planning - Make it simple, but significant”). In the third phase of software development, the implementation takes place.

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